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--- 0.99.XX -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Rewrite of Edge|Circularise to cleanup code, and add/improve features.
  - Improved automatic normal picking with internal checks so that users
    will be less likely to have to reverse normals or specify the angle type
    (obtuse or acute).
  - Closed loops now start off circularised to 100%, instead of having to drag
    from 0%. This percentage can be adjusted during the drag sequence by
    pressing and holding the Rmb while moving the mouse.
  - Closed loop selections are now resized according to either Diametric
    Factor or Absolute Diameter (switch between the two by pressing [3]).
  - The problem of using repeat arguments and having the diameter default to
    1.0, has been fixed.
  - The Lmb command now works on both open and closed loops without having to
    input a secondary plane selection.
  - The Rmb command allows the input of a common plane for flattening all the
    loops, open or closed.
  - The Mmb command replaces the old Rmb command, and allows you to specify
    the end result through secondary selections.

- Improved seaching for Similar Normals and Materials for connected faces and
  added the ability to select similar vertex colours via Similar Materials.

- Tweak Mode bugfixes. (Thanks to gordo and Fonte Boa). [optigon]

--- 0.99.55 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Separated the .ai and .ps|.eps import plugins, and changed them so that
  objects are centered when they open in Wings. [optigon]

- Removed all code that supported basic menus. Plug-ins that use the
  {basic,...}  and {advanced,...} constructs in menus must
  be updated. [bjorng]

- Merging objects with masked vertices would not transfer masked elements
  correctly. Now fixed. [optigon]

- Added Tools|Magnet Mask|Invert, which allows you to invert the masked/unmasked
  vertices. Only highlighted objects are inverted, unless there is no highlight,
  in which case all object's masks are inverted. [optigon]

- Added toggle to switch the Magnet Mask On/Off. [optigon]

- Fixed another crash in AutoUV caused by my change in 0.99.54.
  Basically, I reverted my change I made 0.99.54, so this should be
  the last crash caused by that clean-up. [bjorng]

--- 0.99.54a ----------------------------------------------------------------
- Fixed mirror side Tweak mode selection bug reported by Fonte Boa. [optigon]

- New Feature: File|Import|PostScript(.ps) allows Wings to import .ps files from
  such applications as Inkscape. This feature reuses code from the .ai import
  plugin originally written by Howard Trickey. [optigon]

- Fixed a bug which I introduced when I cleaned up some code and corrected
  a mis-feature.

  (Details: wings_io:get_matchings_events/1 used to return message in the
  reversed order compared to in the order they were put into the queue;
  I changed that so messages are returned in the same order as they were
  queued. Code in at least one other place (wings_toolbar) depended on
  the exact order of the messages.) [bjorng]

--- 0.99.54 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Extended Edge|Circularise Lmb to handle multiple open edge loops. [optigon]

- Added mmb select option to Tweak, for Maya camera mode users. [optigon]

- Improvements and bug fixes to dragging.
  - Now drag position won't jump when constraints are released.
  - The numeric tab entry now shows units achieved via constraints.
  - Constraint effects now are limited to only the active drag parameter.
  - Tools limiting drag distances to a range, would continue to tabulate past
    their allowed limits, which could result in the user dragging blindly with no
    effect until the drag distance fell between the limits again.
  - Zooming would cause the current drag distance to jump when using tools with
    mixed drag modes like Sweep, Contour, and Circularise.

- Fixed menus so that they won't cover up the Info Line. [optigon]

- Rewrite of the Contour plugin to improve both performance and functionality.
  It now appears as Inset in the face menu. [optigon]

- Extrude Region would occasionally omit an edge when processing poles with
  five or more edges (for instance when extruding three or more faces on the top
  end of the sphere primitive). Now fixed. [optigon]

- Another rewrite of Sweep, mainly to improve processing speed.  Other changes
  include a better implementation of Sweep for individual faces, and a new
  option to Freeze/Thaw the base of the extrusion. [optigon]

- New Feature: View|Position Camera allows you to position the camera
  numerically. Includes a preview mode for flipping betweeen the old view
  and new view by pressing '1'. From the preview, pressing lmb re-opens the
  camera position dialog, and rmb accepts the current view and exits the
  preview. [optigon]

- New option, File|Save Unused Materials, can be checkmarked if you want to save
  all the materials from a scene, including the ones not applied to your model,
  to a .wings file. [optigon]

- BzFlag exporter added to Wings. [contributed by trepan and optic delusion with
  minor changes by optigon]

- German translation updates from Torsten Manz.

- New Feature: Tools|Magnet Mask|Lock/Unlock. Locks the positions of vertices
  against the effects of magnets in both Tweak and Magnet mode with the
  exception that masked vertices within a selection will not be locked.
  Display options are included in Edit|Preferences|General > Magnet Mask vertex
  colour and size including alpha.
  There are also the option View|Show|Show Magnet Mask which toggles the display
  and Select|By|Magnet Mask. [optigon]

- For Developers: There are new options for adding draw lists for plugins via
  #dlo{plugins=[]} added to the wings.hrl. You can follow the example plugin
  wpc_magnet_mask.erl and check the functions added to wings_plugin.erl to get
  an idea of what this is all about or ask questions/add suggestions on the
  Wings 3D Official Development Forum. [optigon]

--- 0.99.53 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Kerkythea exporter added to Wings. [contributed by Chris Hegarty (Avariant)]

- Added a file browser to the Text plugin. [optigon]

- Tweak can now use single and double clicking to select geometry. There is an
  options panel beside the Tools|Tweak menu heading where you can set the
  click speed and also turn off this feature. There is also an option to reduce
  the number of button used to activate Tweak Slide. (Thanks to puzzledpaul,
  Fonte Boa, and marcin wuu for their input). [optigon]

- Added temporary highlight selection for Edge Loop, Edge Ring, Select All, and
  Select Similar commands. Now, you can extend a selection by pressing the
  associated hotkey over a highlighted element. An option to activate this
  feature can be found in the Edit|Preferences|Advanced dialog. [optigon]

- Bug fixes for the mode specific hotkey implementation. [optigon]

- Code imporvements and an extension of the Select|Similar Normals command.
  The command now has a new preference to save the Angle Tolerance, which in
  combination with the Connected Faces Only option, makes this tool great for
  selecting face regions bounded by sharp edges. [optigon]

- Some object mode selections would cause crashes when used in conjunction with
  the Duplicate command. (Reported by Fonte Boa). [optigon]

- Dragging Lights as an edge selection in Tweak mode would crash. Now fixed.

- Mouse over highlighted items are now added temporarily to a drag operation
  in Tweak. [optigon]

- Following a Slide+Clean operation in Tweak, if any short edges were collapsed,
  then an empty selection will now be returned. Returning the original selection
  was offen times unsafe, because the selected element might have been removed,
  causing Wings to crash. [optigon]

- Toggling wireframe display for objects in the Geometry Graph using the right
  mouse button option would not yeild the correct results in some situations.
  Now fixed. (Reported by pauljs75). [optigon]

- Select by material called from the Outliner would select hidden faces. This
  has been corrected. (Thanks to odf). [optigon]

- Blocked some face selection tools from selecting hidden faces. [optigon]

--- 0.99.52 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Moving an object in tweak mode would not disregard an existing virtual mirror.
  Now fixed. (Thanks to yst). [optigon]

- Contour would not produce predictable results when a selected region touched
  the seam of the virtual mirror. Now fixed. (Thanks to yst). [optigon]

- Circularise would crash when called with but a single edge selected. Now an
  error message is returned. (Thanks to yst). [optigon]

- Tools|Unitize would crash when called using a selection that contained a
  light. (Thanks to yst). [optigon]

- Edge|Cut 2/3/4 while in Tweak mode can now be called if the Magnet is turned
  off. Otherwise, the 2/3/4 keys change the Magnet type. [optigon]

--- 0.99.51 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Some Menubar commands are now selection mode specific and as such their
  hotkeys are now context sensitive. This change affects the Select|Edge Loop
  items, some of the Select Similar commands, and Tools|Virtual Mirror|Create.

- The default hotkeys for Select Prev/Next Edge Loop have been changed to F6
  and F7. If you had those F keys previously assigned to another command, then
  Select Prev/Next will be have no hotkey where conflicts exist. This change
  was made to accommodate recent changes to Tweak mode, and solves a conflict
  with the xyz contraint keys (F1/2/3). [optigon]

- Tweak's xyz constraints can now be toggled on/off by clicking the Alt key in
  conjuction with the axis (F1,F2,F3) you wish to lock. For example, clicking
  F1 and Alt will toggle the X axis constraint on/off. More than one axis can
  be locked at a time. Held keys for axes already toggled on, nullify the
  constraint, and held keys for axes toggled off are additive. [optigon]

- Tab Input for Move in the UVmapper would crash Wings. (Thanks to betelguese).

- Tweak Move Normal did not handle some situations correctly. (Thanks to yst).

--- 0.99.50 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Tweak mode compatibility fixes for Maya and Motionbuilder cameras. [optigon]

- New option to launch Wings in Tweak Mode (Preferences|Advanced). [optigon]

- Auto Rotate now works in Tweak. [optigon]

- Advanced menus are now always turned on. There will be a information
  dialog when you start Wings if you have been using Wings with the
  advanced menus turned off. [bjorng]

- Set default Menu and Dialog Background alpha to 0.99 to (hopefully) avoid
  future reports of the top most Menu items not appearing. [optigon]

--- 0.99.06 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Internal changes: Warnings were eliminated and all unnecessary imports
  were removed. (Thanks to Richard Carlsson.) [bjorng]

- The experimental Toxic exporter has been removed. [bjorng]

- Canceling commands while dragging (rmb), would only work while the mouse was
  relatively motionless. Now fixed. (Thanks to zukas.) [optigon]

- Major rewrite of the Tweak plugin to allow multiple selections and access to
  all the regular Wings commands from within Tweak. Be sure to check the info
  line as some of the hotkey combos have changed. (Thanks to Fonte Boa, marcin
  wuu, and all those who helped during testing.) [optigon]

- Shear's relative mode was broken in the last release. Now Fixed (Thanks to
  pauljs75.) [optigon]

- Some wording changes to the mouse response preferences. (Thanks to plec.)

- Drag response factors in FOV. (Thanks to plec.) [optigon]

--- 0.99.05 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- New Feature: Select|Similar Material selects all faces of the same material to
  the original face. You can select only those faces which are connected to the
  original face and share at least one edge by check marking "Connected Faces
  Only" in the options panel. [optigon]

- In the AutoUV window, scaling non-continous faces with magnet would
  crash Wings. (Thanks to zukas.) [bjorng]

- Selecting every face on an object and calling Contour would crash wings. Now
  fixed. [optigon]

- Changed [+/-] drag modifiers to use RMB+Drag. Affects Vertex and Edge Extrude,
  Face|Bump, and Vertex|Deform|Shear. [optigon]

- Virtual Mirror and some other commands in the Tools menu would not accept a
  temporary highlight as a selection when they were called via hotkeys. Now
  fixed. (Thanks to SoulVector.) [optigon]

- View|Show items were broken. (Thanks to pauljs75.) [optigon]

- If a graphics card indicated that it had shader support, but actually using
  shaders didn't work for any reason, Wings would crash when attempting to
  use the View menu. Now Wings correctly handles this situation and removes
  the Shaders from the View menu if shaders doesn't work.
  (Thanks to FranOnTheEdge.) [bjorng]

- Smoothing groups in Wavefront import are now handled (i.e. hard edges
  will be created between faces in different smoothing groups). [bjorng]

--- 0.99.04a ----------------------------------------------------------------
- The Image Plane command will now create an internal image if it needs to
  pad a non-power-of-two image, fixing a long-standing bug that images in
  image planes would be stretched after saving and reloading. [bjorng]

- When importing a model with a face having duplicated vertices, Wings
  would not correctly clean up the face if the face had U/V coordinates
  or vertex colors, causing a crash. (Thanks to Krurukyk.) [bjorng]

- Wings would crash when importing "unconventional" OBJ files (a "g"
  command followed by an "o" command). [bjorng]

- Connect should now work in arbitrarily small faces. (The Connect command
  will still prevent the creation of long, extremely thin faces, but the
  test is now relative, not absolute, so it should work for a face of
  any size.) [bjorng]

--- 0.99.04 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- New Feature: Circularise now works on open edge loops, and by pressing '1'
  during the drag phase of the tool, you can choose to flatten or not flatten
  the result to a single plane. [optigon]

- New Feature: View|Highlight Aim aims the camera at the mouseover highlight
  even while other geometry is selected. Options in Edit|Preferences|Advanced
  allow you to specify Highlight Aim's targeting behaviour. Although the
  original View|Aim command remains, the Wings default hotkey 'A' now calls
  View|Highlight Aim instead. [optigon]

- Repeating Move|Region in selection modes other than Face caused Wings to
  crash. Also Flatten, Rotate, and Scale Region, and Rotate|Normal in Vertex
  and Body mode. Now fixed. [optigon]

- Selecting every face of an object during a vector op would crash wings.
  Now fixed. [optigon]

- New vector op added. Define a vector between the centers of two edge loops
  on either a single object or one loop on each of two objects. [optigon]

- Partial rewrite of Sweep plugin to improve the code including:
  - Vertices on separate objects sharing the same id number, would cause
    unexpected results. Vertices are now processed correctly.
  - Sweep|Free side to side motion was reversed. Now fixed. (Thanks to GetaVe)
  - Added Relative mode to Sweep commands.
  - Improvements to processing speed.
  - Placed commands in single menu to save vertical space.

- New utility Tools|Memory Usage.  Measures how much memory your current scene
  is using. (Thanks to Giniu.) [optigon]

- New colour prefs for the Menu Bar and Info Line backgrounds. [optigon]

- Reorganized Edit|Preferences to save vertical space. [optigon]

- Reorganized View menu. Placed similar menu items in View|Show to save vertical
  space. [optigon]

- Deselecting with nothing selected would add an unnecessary undo state. Now
  fixed. (Thanks to Giniu.) [optigon]

- Lowered minimum undo level to 1 (Edit|Preferences|Misc). [optigon]

- Changed default camera mode to Wings 3D for fresh install. [optigon]

- Made most of the Defined Hotkeys translatable. This also affects commands
  displayed in Edit|Repeat and the Plugin Manager. [optigon]

- New Feature: Rotate to Target allows you to rotate a selection using a
  geometry specified angle.  Enable magnets by pressing [Alt] when initiating
  the tool. [optigon]

- Disabled translation macros for Save and Open in Windows because they could
  cause Wings to crash when displaying Latin 5 characters in native dialogs.
  Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you do not save wings files using
  accented or non-English characters. (Thanks to Devilgreen.)[optigon]

- New Feature: Move|Planar allows you to move any selection freely upon a single
  plane. Choose any standard axis or a vector defined plane. Enable magnets by
  pressing [Alt] when initiating the tool. [optigon]

- New! Turkish translation [contributed by Devilgreen]

- Further updates to the German translation [contributed by Torsten Manz]

- The shaders have been enabled again. Now there is a much better mechanism
  for choosing shaders: a proper submenu, which also shows the currently
  selected shader. As before, they can be turned off by choosing the default
  light. [Scorpius]

- Added camera prefs for Rotation Speed and made panning via the
  arrow keys optional. See Edit|Preferences|Camera. [optigon]

- Added new features to Body|Flip including user defined point, axis, and global
  axis options. Holding down Alt while initiating the command duplicates the
  object before flipping it. (Inspired by ggaliens' Flip Global plugin.)

- Rmb option added to Face|Dissolve to clean up any isolated vertices created by
  the Dissolve command. This feature already existed for edges, so it made sense
  to add it for faces. [optigon]

- Added ability to hotkey menu commands that bring up an Options Box such as
  those in the Primitives and Select Menu. [optigon]

- New Feature: Face|Contour creates edges around or inside a selected face
  region and allows you to move them parallel to the original edges. Works best
  for square geometry. Interface includes switching between Average, Normalise,
  and Stay on Line which provide 3 possible solutions to keeping the edges
  parallel. Hold down the rmb while dragging to bump the selection up or down
  acccording to either the face normals, or the region's normal. This feature
  now replaces the original Inset command. [optigon]

- Added a new option to the existing tool Select|Similar Normals, which allows
  you to select just those faces with similar normals that are connected to the
  original face. This allows you to select an island of faces with similar
  normals to the first, as opposed to all of them. [optigon]

- Added Flatten command to the Edge menu. [optigon]

--- 0.99.03 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Move|Region could crash if the selection contained faces that only
  shared a single vertex (and not any edge). Now a proper error message
  is given. Same correction for the Scale, Rotate, and Flatten commands
  operating on regions. (Thanks to optigon.) [bjorng]

- Face mode area readout in the status bar would cause Wings to slow down if
  the the face contained too many vertices. Wings now only calculates the area
  for a face with less than 50 vertices. (Thanks to jdcooke1.) [optigon]

- View|Frame would symmetrically frame elements when using the virtual mirror.
  Now there is an option, View|Frame Disregards Mirror, to alter this behaviour.
  (Thanks to extrudeface and Entity325.) [optigon]

- New Feature: Face|Sweep/Sweep Region/Sweep Extract. Sweep is an interactive
  tool designed to make angled extrusions, while also allowing you to scale
  and rotate the extruded regions simultaneously. [optigon]

- The Plug-In manager could crash or fail to provide information for
  certain (correctly written) plug-ins. (Thanks to optigon.) [bjorng]

- New! German translation [contributed by Torsten Manz]

- New Feature: Edge|Circularise. A plugin to flatten, equalise, and inflate an
  edge loop to its maximum or user specified diameter. Basic and Advanced menu
  options availble. [optigon]

- Now using Erlang/OTP R12B-3. [bjorng]

--- 0.99.02 -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Now using Erlang/OTP R12B-1. The build instructions have been updated with
  more details. The SDL library in the Linux distribution no longer references
  libaa (thanks to vtechk). [bjorng]

- Verbose and Mouseover info text options added to Edit|Preferences|General.

- Added interface options to Edit|Preferences|General. Options to
  edit the width of Hard Edges and Normals, and set the default colour
  of the Default and Hole Material. Also, the Mini Axis can now be
  switched on or off and the colour of its axes are now linked to the
  main axes. [optigon]

- Wings could crash when triangulating (for display purposes)
  extremely degenerated polygons. For instance, Cylindrical Shift
  on a cylinder could cause the problem. (Thanks to pauljs75.)

- In secondary selection mode, invoking some selection commands (such
  as Select|Similar Normals) would cause a crash.  Also, invoking
  Select|Similar Normals through a hotkey in the wrong selection mode
  (i.e. not face mode) would cause a crash. (Thanks to optigon.)

- Optional Feature: Changing modes while dragging would make the model
  jump. Mode changes can now be set to reset the model back to its initial
  position. [optigon]

- Fixed the repeat drag arguments (Shift D and D) for Vertex Intersect,
  Bend, and Shift. [optigon]

- Basic mode Turn menu now cascades. [optigon]

- Extended vector ops to accept vectors defined across multiple objects.
  Also added Cross Product as a way to define a vector using two edges.

- New Feature: Vertex|Deform|Inflate Cylindrical. Works in both basic
  and advanced menus. In basis menus, select a central axis (XYZ) and
  inflate. In advanced menus, pick a central axis and optionally, pick
  a center point and radius. Vertices will move towards the radius along
  a vector extending from the center point. All vertices are aligned with
  the radius when the distance reads 100%. [optigon]

- New Feature: Vertex|Connect(RMB)|Connecting Edge (advanced menus only).
  Creates a new edge by connecting the selected vertices and returns the
  new edge already selected. [optigon]

- New Feature: Edit|Preferences|Constraints > Drag Preferences.
  Allows you to customize dragging speeds for Rotational, Absolute,
  and Relative drags. [optigon]

- New Feature: This preliminary release of the new Set Constraints plugin
  gives you the ability to take measurement directly from your model and
  save them as default constraints which can be used while dragging. You
  can take measurements in various ways including the use of secondary
  selections and vector ops. Bind the constraint to the modifier key(s)
  of your choice (Alt,Shift,Ctrl) by holding them down while accepting a
  method of measurement or set a default key combo in the prefs. If the
  measurement includes a secondary selection, you may hold down the modifier
  keys when finalizing your selection. [optigon]

  Edge Mode:
    Total Length - total length of the selected edges
    Average Length - average length of the selected edges
    Angle - angle between two edges
    Subtract Angle - difference of two angles
    Edge To Axis - angle between a single edge and a chosen axis
    Percentage - difference two selections as a percentage
    Difference - difference in length of two selections,
    Centers - distance between the centers of two selections
  Face Mode:
    Percentage - difference in area between two face selections as a percentage
    Centers, Angle, Subtract Angle, Face To Axis
  Vertex Mode:

- New Feature: Switch constraint sets on the fly while dragging. Every drag
  mode now has two related sets of constraints. You can switch to the related
  constraint set by press Shift+Tab while dragging in any tool. The related
  sets are as follows.
  Scale Factor/Reciprocal: Reciprocal is equal to 1/Scale Factor
  Angle/Supplementary: Supplementary is equal to 180 - Angle
  Distance/Alternate Distance: Two sets for distance constraints

- New Feature: Vertex|Deform|Shear. This plugin lets you shear vertex selections
  and more! Drag in all three modes (Absolute, Angle, Relative). Add curve to
  the shear. Use vector ops or standard axes(XYZ). Many thanks to puzzledpaul
  for testing and offering useful suggestions. [optigon]

- Increased limits of the main Wings primitives to infinity. [optigon]

- The hotkeys for Toggle Proxy Mode and Quick Smoothed Preview (Shift+Tab)
  are now properly ignored in interactive commands and when the camera is active.
  (Thanks to optigon.) [bjorng]

- When defining hotkeys for menus such as Edit|Preferences or pop-up menus
  when advanced menus were not turned on, there could be a useless question
  about mouse buttons. This question has been eliminated. [bjorng]

- The Wavefront importer will now import objects that have defects such
  as invalid texture coordinate references. Instead of crashing, texture
  coordinates will be removed from the face in question. Also, import of
  Wavefront files with relative vertex references will be faster (much
  faster for big files). (Thanks to terje7601.) [bjorng]

- Added new camera modes: Google SketchUp and Wings 3D suggested by oort.
  Wings 3D mode is the same as Mirai mode, except that the mmb pans instead
  of dollying. Added optional scroll wheel activated pan and rotate (available
  in all camera modes). Also extended arrow key panning to work in all modes
  and improved its useability. [optigon]

--- 0.99.01  ----------------------------------------------------------------

- New feature: Edit|Plug-In Manager. It allows you to selectively
  enable and disable plug-ins; for instance, you can turn off all
  export and import plug-ins for formats that you never use. (Note to
  translators: Since there may be changes to this feature, depending
  on the feedback, I have deliberately not made the strings
  translatable yet.) [bjorng]

- Hotkeys can now also be assigned to commands that are invoked using
  MMB or RMB. [bjorng]

- On Windows, Wings will now remember if it was maximized when it was
  quitted, and automatically start maximized next time. [bjorng]

- View|Saved Views|Save will now count as change, so that the file can be
  saved immediately without workarounds such as selecting something first.
  (Thanks to oort.) [bjorng]

- Tweak mode: There would be a crash if you attempted to relax a face
  next to a hidden face.  Also updated the look of the information in
  line to look more as the rest of Wings. Also made sure that
  modifiers that will not work in the Motionbuilder camera mode are
  not shown on the information line. [bjorng]

- Turn command: In the basic menus, there are now three Turn commands:
  "Turn clockwise", "Turn counter-clockwise", and "Turn Optimized".
  In advanced menus, those three commands can be chosen using LMB,
  MMB, and RMB. The preference dialog in Edit|Plug-in Preferences has
  been eliminated. There is no longer any automatic hotkeys assigned.
  There will now be an error dialog if you have selected more than one
  edge in the same face (instead of a mess). [bjorng]

- Help|OpenGL Info now also reports the SDL version. [bjorng]

- The experimental support for cycling shaders have been turned off
  until it can be done properly. [bjorng]

- The Portuguese and French translations have been updated.

--- 0.99.00b ----------------------------------------------------------------

- Creating a normal map for a material was so slow so that it seemed
  that Wings was frozen. Now back to normal speed. :-) [bjorng]

- Attempting to create or edit a material when the Yafray plug-in was active
  would cause a crash. Corrected. [bjorng]

- Eliminated the problem that caused some language files to be corrupted
  on Windows. Also added verification to the the build process so that
  this problem will be detected if it should occur again. [bjorng]

- In the Misc tab in Edit | Preferences, "Camera moves and interactive commands
  are jumpy" is now default on all versions of Mac OS X. A buggy version number
  check turned it off on Leopard. (Thanks to jtico.) [bjorng]

--- 0.99.00a ----------------------------------------------------------------

- Clicking the toolbar to deselect would crash or freeze Wings.
  (Thanks to yst.) [bjorng]

- The installer for Windows will now install the run-time library for
  Microsoft C if it is not already installed. [bjorng]

--- 0.99.00 -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Cosmetic improvements: the menu selector has a subtle gradient, and the title
  bars have the common aqua/vista effect. Also added optional History Buttons
  (aka Undo/Redo) and Open/Save icons on menubar. [Scorpius]

- Added more shaders (brick, toon, environment-mapping, gooch-tone), which can
  now be toggled (or cycled) through a choice in the view menu. Requires an
  OpenGL 2.0 video card. [Scorpius]

- Revised most primitives, they are now more accurate and have more options.
  [contributed by Richard Jones (Optigon)]

- Ability to set drag constraints for the currently pressed modifier key(s).
  When one edge is selected the distance constraint is set; when two are
  selected the rotation constraint is set. [Scorpius & Optigon]

- Added ISO-8859-9 font support. [contributed by Ismail Keskin (Devilgreen)]

- Added search in relative paths when loading textured models. [dgud]

- Ability to set drag constraints. [contributed by Richard Jones (Optigon)]

- Small add to right mouse button absolute snap, now you can lock movement
  in x, y or z. [Giniu]

- Changes to absolute scale, ability to link sizes (uniform scale), ability to
  pick scale centre from scene using RMB absolute scale, ability to pick target
  size from scene using MMB absolute scale and option to fit selection into
  picked target by automatically adjusting scale centre. [Giniu]

- PovRay exporter and renderer added.
  [contributed by Chris Hegarty (Avariant)]

- Added a live miniature-axis icon to the lower-left corner of the screen.

- Added a user defined clipping-plane. Use 'Set Default Axis' to interactively
  change the orientation of the plane.

- Edges can now be displayed with Anti-Aliasing, see preferences. [Scorpius]

- Added Russian translation by Paul Geraskin. [bjorng]

- Major update to Portuguese translation [contributed by: Luiz Fonte Boa]

--- 0.98.36 -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Absolute snap now can pick reference point, old snap that used center of
  selection as reference point was moved to MMB option. [Giniu]

- Added new preference: constrain axes to grid. [Scorpius]

- Added "Blue Cube" interface icons. The original icons are in the "Classic"
  bundle. Switching between icon sets is easily accomplished through the
  User Interface preference tab. [Scorpius]

- Revived the Plane Plugin, which was removed from a previous release
  because it created invalid objects. This has been fixed by adding a
  thickness parameter; thereby creating a properly closed mesh. [Scorpius]

- Added two new primitives (look under the More menu):
  Tube: generates a hollow tube or pipe with an actual wall-thickness.
  Gear: generates a very simple gear. Allows the user to specify the number
  of teeth and the tooth height. [Scorpius]

- Added two more primitives:
  Ncube: Generates a cube with an arbitrary level of subdivisions (simply
  specify the number of cuts per edge) plus a spherize option.
  Ngon: Generates a polygon with an arbitrary number of vertices. This may
  look like a single-sided polygon but, in fact, has two faces. [Scorpius]

- New GeoDome primitive. Generates a geodesic dome with an arbitrary level
  of subdivisions. Has three base objects, spherize and half-dome options.

- New *.stl import/export plugin. Stereolithography files can be sent to
  a service bureau to create an actual plastic prototype of your model.

- New command in tools menu: "Scene Info: Area & Volume." Calculates the
  area and volume for each object in the scene and displays the info in
  a pop-up window. [Scorpius]

- Bug fix: Language support now works for all operating systems, regardless
  if the file path has an underscore. [Scorpius]

- Added X export plugin.
  [contributed by Ed Kolis (Ekolis)]

- New command in tools menu: "Put on Ground." It simply moves the selected
  objects vertically until they rest on the ground plane. [Scorpius]

- Added "Purple Tube" interface icons. Check the User Interface preference
  tab to switch between icon sets. [Scorpius]

- New commands in 'Select->By' menu: "Fewest Edges Path" selects a path
  (between any two selected vertices) with the fewest number of edges.
  "Shortest Path" selects a path with the shortest distance. If more than one
  possible solution exists, the first one found will be selected. [Scorpius]

- New secondary mode for dissolve, called clean dissolve.
  [contributed by Richard Jones (Optigon)]

- Added ability to set alternate zoom speed, check camera preferences.
  [contributed by Richard Jones (Optigon)]

- Tweak tool extended with new features like tangent, relax, slide and more.
  [contributed by Andrew Shpagin (AndrewShpagin)]

- French translation updated, with many more plug-ins translated.
  [contributed by Nicolas Bouillard (syndarion)]

- The Mac version of Wings is now a Universal Binary that runs on both
  PowerPC and Intel Macs. [bjorng]

- The Windows version now includes the correct (latest) version of the
  SDL dll, correcting numerous problems. [bjorng]

--- 0.98.35 -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Move absolute now works for lights. [Giniu]

- Added very basic version of absolute scale, it would be extended
  after feedback. [Giniu]

- Both absolute scale and move is now placed in one menu group,
  in absolute commands. [Giniu]

- New absolute tool was added - snap - it is similar to move but
  works with secondary selection. There two snap modes, quick LMB and
  full RMB. Simple weld was eaten by quick version of snap. [Giniu]

- Fixed bug in View -> Align to Selection. [Giniu]

- Turn Edge plugin now have option dialog to choose between clasic
  turn method, clockwise rotate and counterclockwise rotate. [Giniu]

- An improved modelling lighting for people with newer gfx cards,
  select 'one light' [Dgud]

- Improved rotate command again when using constraints [Dgud]

- Change the automatic chart rotation again in autouv [Dgud]

- Hopefully fixed the unfold issue from inside the autouv window [Dgud]

- New selection method: by sharp edges.
  [contributed by Anthony D'Agostino (Scorpius)]

- Polish translation fixes.
  [contributed by Maciej Milewski]

- Minor corrections for Mac and Windows to work with R11B and newest
  SDL and esdl. For Mac, Mac OS 10.4 or higher ("Tiger") is now required.
  (Unless you build from source yourself.) Sorry for that. [bjorng]

--- 0.98.34 -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Minor autouv fixes.

- Fixed stored selection bug reported by LoTekK.

- Added a loop cut mode to (tools) connect tool.

- Fixed very small bug in vertex weld (troubles with undo).

- Added second vertex weld mode for those who prefers just moving vertices
  to target position and then clean mesh (it's under RMB click on "Weld").

- Totally rewrote absolute move so now is works for any selection mode,
  and is able to align, move whole objects and create multiple duplicates of object.

- Should now hopefully work on Mac OS 10.3.9 ("Panther").
  Erlang/OTP updated to R10B-10, which has a fix for a rare
  start-up problem. [Bjorn]

--- 0.98.33 -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Dan fixed (hopefully finally) the Rotate commands speed so they work as before.

- Dan fixed rotate in vertex mode so it centers around all selected vertices.

- Giniu made all active (compilable) plug-ins translatable and translated them to Polish
  (the toxic and yafray plugins still needs to be translated, but are translatable).

- Giniu added 4 selection methods: select by vertices with 6 or more edges,
  select by non quadrangle faces (all faces, faces with odd or even number of edges).

- Giniu added two new tools - "move->absolute" for positioning in absolute
  coordinates and "weld" for welding single vertex to other one.

- DesiredUserName/MicrobeSoft implemented pick-up and drop images in outliner.

- Syndarion updated the French translation.

- AUTOUV changes (Dan):
  - In face mode added a combined project from normal and unfolding command.
  - In segmenting mode, when uv-mapping failes the good charts gets uv-mapped and
    the failed charts stays in the segmenting window.
  - MMB on uv-mapping, finds and marks the old chart cuts.
  - Repeat implemented.
  - Other minor stuff, uv-grid and changed material/image handling.
  - Re-written the texture image creator, move images with your uv's or
    use it to draw vertex color or materials it can also use opengl shaders.

- Programmers:
  Update to the latest erlang release. (png requires it)
  Both the #we and #st have a new field pst (plugin state)
    That requires a re-compilation of most (all?) of the external plugins.
    Plugins that use the pst field should export two functions:
       PLUGIN:merge_we([We1,We2..]) and PLUGIN:merge_st(NewData,OldSt) both should
       return the new data of the plugin.

--- 0.98.32b -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Giniu made AutoUV and almost all other plug-ins translatable and
  translated them to Polish.

- Import, especially 3DS import, improved.

- Dan G fixed crash in the Connect tool. (Problem reported by Fonte Boa.)

- The Image creation command now correctly create images
  with size which are not multiples of 8 or 16.

- Dan G made sure wings files containing bad images created by previous
  versions of Wings can now be loaded, but with the faulty images
  missing. (Problem reported by Hanzaa.)

- Dan G fixed file open problem reported by Bob19971.

- The length and color of normals shown by View|Show Normals can now
  be changed in the preferences. (By Giniu.)

- Dmitry Efremov has updated the hlines plug-in.

- Changed toxic to render png instead of tga. (By Dan G.)

- Dan G fixed the Rotate commands speed so they work as before.

- Raimo added an option for loading rendered image into
  internal viewer independent from external viewer option.

AutoUV (by Dan G):

- New commands in edge mode: slide, distribute evenly.

- New commands in object mode:Normalize Chart sizes.

- The Scale and Rotate commands now have magnets.

For developers:

- New function e3d_mesh:make_polygons/1. e3d_mesh:make_quads/1 changed back
  to only make quads.