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New Website and Forum

We launched our new Website and our new ad free Forum!

Posted by Anonymous 2012-11-09

Björn releases wings-1.0-rc1 after 8 years of development!

This is a great moment in the history of Wings 3D. A program that began as a "Can this be done in Erlang?" project has proved, yes it can and more. Here's what Björn wrote to launch the release of wings-1.0-rc1 on the Wings Official Development Forum:

I started developing Wings about eight years ago and I think it is high time that Wings reached 1.0.

So here 1.0-rc1, that is the first release candidate for the 1.0 release. We will probably release a few more release candidates only containing bug fixes (no new features),
and then we will release 1.0.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2009-05-01

wings-0.99.60 source available through Git

Wings 3D has switched to Git, replacing svn as its source code manager.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-04-29

Wings 3D: New feature and bug fixes in wings-0.99.55!

Wings 3D is a subdivision modeller with an user interface that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users (inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware).

More Magnet Mask tools to further improve usability including the ability to Invert masked and unmasked areas and toggle the mask on/off. Some important bug fixes are included in this release, so upgrading is recommended.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-04-21

wings-0.99.54a released to solve early bugs

Unfortunately the 0.99.54 release had some show stopper bugs in it... fortunately we were able to fix them and make a new release right away :)

Posted by Anonymous 2009-04-13

Magnet Masking added to wings-0.99.54

Lots of good stuff in this release including major rewrites of Inset and Sweep, and introducing Magnet Masking, which locks vertices against the influence of magnets in both Tweak mode and against the regular wings magnets. For a full list of feature changes please read the release notes.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-04-12

New Tweak a lot more stable in wings-0.99.53

This update features many bug fixes as we try and work towards a stable release.
There has been a lot of work put into the new Tweak mode recently to make it more intuitive and powerful. With this release, there are new selection options in Tweak to allow for single and double click selection, but users can still use Ctrl+L if they found that more workable. Other changes to Tweak include are included in the release notes.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-12-07

wings-0.99.52 released

This release fixes some bugs and improves some features. You can now call cut 2/3/4 in Tweak if the Magnet is off, otherwise the magnet type is changed.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-24

wings-0.99.50 released! Basic menus retired.

Basic menus have been retired in this release of Wings which also features some minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Release Notes:

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-09

wings-0.99.06 released with major rewrite to Tweak Mode

This release features bug fixes and major updates to Tweak Mode to allow multiple selections, use of selection tools, right click access to all the Wings mesh tools and more. Basically, now you can enter Tweak and still have access to all the regular Wings commands without having to exit!

Enjoy :)

Full release notes here:

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-03

wings-0.99.05 released

Some bug fixes and some new features including Select Similar Material.

For details see

Posted by Anonymous 2008-10-20

wings 0.99.04a bug fix release

This release fixes a few bugs, notably the image plane being reloaded stretched bug, and the failure to connect edges that were too close together bug.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-10-12

wings-0.99.04 development release

Here's the latest development release of Wings, featuring many new tools, preference options, bug fixes, and a Turkish translation!

See the release notes for details:

Posted by Anonymous 2008-10-05

wings-0.99.03 released

Major new features including Sweep, Circularise, and a new German translation. For details, see the release notes:

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-15

0.99.xx track started

We started the 0.99.xx track in December last year.


Because we want to start moving towards 1.0. An "1.0" of an application is usually the first version of an application that does something useful. It seems that Wings has passed that stage a long time ago.

So in the 0.99.xx track, we will attempt to fix as many bugs and major shortcomings as possible, before we bump the version number to 1.0, probably before the end of the year.... read more

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2008-03-25

Wings 0.88: Nendo-style selection highlighting

Plus bug fixes.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2002-01-08

Wings 0.87: First release 2002!

Wings 3D is a polygon mesh modeller with an user interface that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users (inspired by Nendo from Nichimen/Izware). Imports and exports TDS and OBJ files.

It is difficult to point any specific highlights for this release. See the release notes.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2002-01-04

Wings 0.86.04: Faster & better selections

Wings 3D is a polygon mesh modeller with an user interface that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users (inspired by Nendo from Nichimen/Izware). Imports and exports TDS and OBJ files.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-12-18

Wings 0.86.03: New look!

New look with new buttons + bug fixes.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-12-10

Wings 0.86: Major selection improvements

The major new feature are new selection functionality. Marque select and drag select (as in Nendo) are implemented. The irritating click-through for edges and vertices is fixed, and you can now also select faces inside an inverted object.

Other features are a material editor and an experimental implementation of vertex colors.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-11-26

Wings 0.85: Shaded model view!

Another new feture is the camera emulation modes (rotating, zooming, and panning) for Nendo, 3ds max, and Maya.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-11-19

Wings 0.82.02 is out

There are mainly bug fixes in this release.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-11-15

Wings 3D 0.84.01

Many small improvements.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-11-09

Nendo 1.1 import in Wings 0.84

The main feature of Wings 0.84 is import of Nendo 1.1 files.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-11-05

Bjorn back from vacation

I am back. /Bjorn

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-11-04