elrond79 - 2004-09-15

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Well, this has been asked for several times, but I guess I'd
like to add my vote for this feature. As far as
implementation goes, a quick and dirty way of going about it
might be to automatically hide/disable polygons which are
assigned a material w/ zero opacity; to make them visible
again, you'd raise the opacity (or delete the material).

A fuller implementation might run along the lines of how
Mirai does it - the ability to hide defined groups, and
manage their visibility from within the geometry graph: ie,
under each object, have an expandable subtree with the face
groups that contain faces of that object, and be able to
toggle selection / visibility of the subgroups.

Since face selection groups in wings are very general - ie,
they can contain faces from multiple objects/bodies, and
different selections may contain the same face(s) - you
would probably need to implement a "half-closed eye"
visibility icon in the Geometry Graph, similar to Mirai.
IE, if the eye is fully open, all faces in the selection are
visible, fully closed = all invisible, half-open = some
open, some closed. (Something similar could be done for the
selection icon as well, and even the lock option, if you
also had lockable faces).

If that description wasn't very clear, I can send you a
Mirai screenshot which illustrates it better...