#132 Move stops working.


I am making a basement model. It is quite large (46 x
46 Wings Units) with lots of objects in it. When
working with the plumbing I have a set of library
joints off to the side that I copy and then move into
place prior to Bridging onto the existing pipes.

Here is the problem. After Duplicating a joint in Z and
moving it into near alignment with the pipes, I would
then Move it in X a long way down the pipe run. Usually
in a serires of moves and Aims to keep it in view. Then
when it was near where I wanted it (by the angle to the
water heater) I would dolly the camera to see it from
the Z direction. Then when I tryed to Move the joint
into place it would refuse to move. The debug into at
the bottom of the screen would change as I moved the
mouse, put the object would just sit there. If I dolly
the camera a little then try again, it would then start
working again.

I ignored this the first time it happened as an oddity,
but it has now happened several times with this model,
so I think there is a bug in there somewhere. It is
periodic, so it will be hard to track down. Sorry.

I will attach the model so you can try and recreate the
problem, but since my last attachment did not work, I
dout this one will either. If not I'll zip it up and
e-mail it to you.



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