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0.4.2 Bugfix Release Announced

After receiving feedback from HTC Star Trek users, we have released a 0.4.2 bugfix release. This should correct booting issues found by star trek users in the 0.4.1 release.

Additionally, we've added the ability to reboot your phone from Android. Simply hold down End and select Power Off. Your device will then reboot.


Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-11-21

New release: 0.4.1

We've just put out a new point-release 0.4.1 of Wing Linux. Features from 0.4 include:

* Latest (November 2009) Stable/2009 Angstrom Build
* Upgrade to Android 1.5r4

This release is more of a release for developers, as it allows full build capability on Ubuntu 9.10 and other recent Linux distributions.

Grab it and enjoy!

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-11-19

Version 0.4 Is Officially Out

Just in, version 0.4 is now released and available for download! Significant changes from 0.3 include:

* Enhancements for new APNs and calling support
* New board support for many devices
* Video rotation on keyboard slide for devices that support it
* Fixed SD card mounting in Android
* Added new fake battery driver so no more /sys_dev cludge is needed to boot Android
* Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes
* Fully working bluetooth support in Android (not all devices working)
* New friendlier installation using progress bars and dialog boxes
* Real-time clock support
* Angstrom and Android systems are now merged together, allowing access to the full Angstrom system from Android, including super user
* LCD and Keyboard/Button backlight controls from Android fully working (Herald/Wizard tested, others may work)
* No more use of swap files! We use compressed main memory now!
* AndExplorer file manager application now distributed as part of the Android image

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-11-09

Development Version 0.4pre4 Out!


The subject says it all! Go and get it in the downloads section or on the main project page!

Features from 0.4pre3 include:

* Provisioning patch added so Android can receive calls on first boot
* New AT&T APN support
* New board support for HTC Opal, Pharos, and Excalibur
* Fixed reset_ts functionality so it doesn't loop forever
* Video rotation on keyboard slide fixed for Wizard and many others
* New keybindings for Elf and Elfin
* Fixed SD card mounting in Android
* Added new fake battery driver so no more /sys_dev cludge is needed to boot Android
* Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes ... read more

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-09-15

Git Repo Changes

There's been some changes to the way our repositories work now. If you have pulled out code from our project using GIT, you will need to modify your remotes to point as follows:

For branches "master" or "candidate": use git://

For "kernel-candidate": use git:// read more

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-08-25

Wizard Problems on 0.4pre3

To respond to some of the negativity I've been getting with regard to the latest development release on Wizard, I'd like to point out that this is a development release -- not stable. This is the first version of Wing Linux that has claimed any support for boards other than the Herald/Wing, so it'll be a little rough around the edges.

We've been having some discussions on xda-developers concerning issues with the SD card driver for this particular port. We're working to track down the problem, but it looks like a kernel error that was introduced late in the game. Bear with us while we track this down -- we are a volunteer effort working in spare time. We'll get it, don't worry. Just give us some time :)

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-08-14

Wing Linux 0.4pre3 Out!

We've finally got our 0.4pre3 development release out. This release adds preliminary support for HTC Gene, HTC Prophet, and HTC Wizard -- simply install the correct cab file for your machine in addition to the rootfs cab.


Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-08-12

Development Version 0.4pre2 Out

Our next development version, 0.4pre2, is out! Grab it in the Development downloads section. New stuff included is:

* Many popular APNs have been integrated for GPRS support out-of-the-box
* Bluetooth works (Linux only, no Android for now)
* Somewhat working screen rotation support
* No more use of swap files! We use compressed main memory now!
* New friendlier installation using progress bars and dialog boxes
* Storage card support in Android -- uses your windows partition
* Real-time clock support

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-07-25

Wing Linux 0.3 Released!

The next stable version of Wing Linux, 0.3, has just hit the servers. Among the changes since 0.2 are:

* No more need to repartition your SD card! Simply install the CAB file and you're good to go!

* Android 1.5 is now integrated with full touchscreen/keyboard support

* All white screen issues have been fixed, with screen modes autodetected.

Get your copy at the download section of our site: read more

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-06-16

Version 0.3pre3 Now as CAB File

I've just put up a CAB file installation of Wing Linux 0.3pre3 on the downloads section of the site. Grab it, install it under wm6, and run Start->Programs->Wing Linux.


Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-06-14

Test Version 0.3pre3 Out

We have just released the 0.3pre3 version of Wing Linux for testing:

Enhancements in this release are many:

* Root filesystem was created using a build system commited to SVN, instead of by copying files off my phone -- it's reproduceable!
* The DPI setting of Android has been changed to fit our smaller screens a bit better. The phone dialer still has overlapping buttons, but you can now read the letters on the bottom of them and using them is much easier.
* The Angstrom system has been pared down to a simpler console-only system to save space. It now just sits in the background, and Android loads automatically.
* No more SD card partitioning is necessary! Simply unzip and enjoy!
* Console access is available through USB as always
* Android keyboard and button support is now 99% complete (only missing mappings for a couple of the side buttons). Arrow keys / direction pad works as expected, and alpha / symbol mappings are correct per WM6 settings, so you can use the keyboard like you're used to. Thanks neoobs!... read more

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-06-14

#wing-linux on Freenode!

We've just opened #wing-linux on! Feel free to drop by if you have questions, or if you want to help in development. It's open to all interested in the project.

See you there!

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-06-02

Video of T-Mobile Wing / Android with Working Touchscreen

There's a video out on YouTube showing Android working on a T-Mobile Wing with recently added touchscreen support:

This will be making its way into the 0.3 release, along with lots of other features (like a fully working keyboard / direction pad / set of side buttons).

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-06-01

Wing Linux version 0.2 is Out!

Version 0.2 of the Wing Linux distribution is out. The project is geared towards embedded Linux and Android running on the T-Mobile Wing / HTC Herald / HTC Atlas series phones.

This release includes updated I2C drivers enabling full LED and LCD backlight support, as well as an updated root filesystem image featuring the Angstrom 2007.12 distribution.

Get it at:

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-05-26

Wing-Linux 0.1 (alpha) Released

Wing-Linux is a project devoted to porting Linux and Google Android to the T-Mobile Wing / HTC Herald / HTC Atlas smartphones.

Version 0.1 alpha has been released and includes a base Linux and Android system. Many things aren't working yet, such as wifi/gsm/bluetooth, so take this release with care. However, some users have reported success in starting Android.

Visit our project wiki at for more information.

Posted by Cory Maccarrone 2009-02-16