#14 Winetricks enhancements


make a way to do multiple selections in Winetricks. Will need to edit Wineskin and Wineskin.m


  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-03-18
    • milestone: --> Wrapper
  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-03-19
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-05-03

    re-wording this one to contain all info about Winetricks enhancements needed.

    Updated need for Winetricks.

    • Allow multiple selections
    • Allow option of launching it in Terminal.app in case any user interaction is required, instead of the built in screen. Possibly make it always launch in Terminal then the results go back to the screen in Wineskin after its done?
    • Allow the use of the built in Zenity GUI for Winetricks if someone already has Zenity installed and working on their machine.

  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-05-03
    • priority: 1 --> 3
    • summary: Multiple Selections in Winetricks --> Winetricks enhancements
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    If it's straight forward scripting (bash/perl) then I can probably help.

  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-09-19

    no... its editing the GUI Wineskin uses to use Winetricks, which is all ObjC/Cocoa

  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-10-02
    • status: open --> closed
  • doh123

    doh123 - 2011-10-02

    Major enhancements done by Syao!! thanks!!

    its currently in and working good in the 2.5 betas, so closing this ticket


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