WineASIO does not support 24-Bit

  • Juan Pablo Cuervo

    screenshot of the error

    No Audio.
    wineASIO fault/error.

    KXStudio 10.04 Generic Kernel
    Wine 1.3.24
    wineasio 0.9.0+git20110613

  • Peter L Jones

    Peter L Jones - 2011-10-23

    WineASIO uses 32bit floats by default, so the error is a little misleading.  Alternatively, compiled with ASIOST32INT it uses 32bit integers, which might be what the application is hoping for.  You could try that?

  • Peter L Jones

    Peter L Jones - 2011-10-27

    Why not use a native Linux app like IDJC or similar (I don't think IDJC has scratch/turntable style mixing but others may).

  • Joakim Hernberg

    Joakim Hernberg - 2012-05-31

    To add a comment.  An ASIO app has no say in the matter.  The protocol does not give the app the opportunity to chose what bit depth it wants to use, it's obliged to use what the ASIO driver offers.  Mostly this is 32bit Int on windows, but most apps work with 32bit float too (the native format of jack).


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