Can't make it work with FL Studio

  • Nikos Chantziaras

    I installed FL Studio 10 (the demo version) and when I try to select WineASIO as the driver, the application crashes with an error dialog saying "cannot create dib".

    Does wineasio work for anyone with FL Studio? It can be downloaded from:

  • Nikos Chantziaras

    I tested other applications as well (foobar2000, LMMS Windows), and none of them work with wineasio 0.9.0. I tried 0.8.1 and that one worked without problems.

    It seems 0.9.0 is somewhat borked.

  • Nikos Chantziaras

    I found the problem. It was entirely my fault. There were stray libraries in /usr/lib32 from an old JACK1. (Gentoo AMD64 is brain damaged; it installed them there for 32-bit programs while the 64-bit JACK libs were a different version. Things got messed up.)

    After deleting them, 0.9.0 works correctly! Sorry for the noise.


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