Wineasio and Cubase/Nuendo

  • akI

    akI - 2013-01-18


    running ubuntustudio 12.10 quantal release.
    Installed wineasio version 0.9.0 through the kxrepos.
    I was wondering why Steinbergs Cubase higher than version 4 and nuendo higher than version 3 doesnt detect the succesfull registered wineasio driver.

    In Cubase 4 i can change the vst driver to wineasio. If i try version 5 or even 6 im not able to change the driver because there is no wineasio driver in the driver dropdown menu. The only available driver in the vst section is the directx full duplex driver which ships with cubase and is installed during the installation diectly. We tried to delete to directx full duplex driver through the registry but if you restart the app the DAW rebuild the driver.

    We used a new WINEPREFIX for every version we tried.

    Here are the steinberg apps me and my friend tried and which app detect the wineasio driver or not (Every app runs in a seperate WINEPREFIX where we registered wineasio:

    cubase 4 runs with wine = yes
    cubase 4 detect wineasio =yes

    cubase 5 runs with wine = yes
    cubase 5 detect wineasio =no

    nuendo 4 runs with wine = yes
    nuendo 4 detect wineasio =no

    HALion runs with wine = yes
    HALion detect wineasio = yes

    TheGrand runs with wine = no
    TheGrand detect wineasio = dont know

    Are we doing something wrong?

  • Joakim Hernberg

    Joakim Hernberg - 2013-01-27

    I have no idea..  To be quite frank I don't have much interest in dongled software, and seeing the amount of assistance Steinberg offers to the wineasio project (regarding asio.h), I have even less interest.  They don't even answer emails…

    Are there demo versions that run without a dongle?  If so I might take a look at it, but there is no way that I either buy a dongle nor that I install a hacked version to test with.

    You could generate some debug info by running something similar to WINEDEBUG=+ASIO wine cubase.exe and including the terminal output in a post here.  Maybe it would cast some light on the situation.

  • akI

    akI - 2013-01-28

    Well its an expensive software and i would love to work with it again like i did centuries ago with windows.

    Maybe i have to contact steinberg directly as i own the paket?

    There are no "donglefree" version for testing available sorry and like i see on steinbergs site there are even no more testing versions with dongle available.

    I'll try to get some asio debuginformations for you. I was just wondering why cubase 4 i realizing wineasio fine where version 5 not did. Theres is even no driver available. Well however i'll be back with some debuginformations.

    Thanks for you reply btw :-)

  • Joakim Hernberg

    Joakim Hernberg - 2013-01-30

    I suppose it's conceivable that they don't allow the use of wineasio, seeing that a legal copy (afaik) doesn't run under wine. Maybe if you rename it to something else and recompile, it will work.

  • akI

    akI - 2013-01-30

    You mean they are consciously blocking the wineasio driver cause they read/see about that their dongle will not work under wine?

    Interesting idea.
    I'll give it a try and recompile it with a different name...

    If that work i'll come over with a new testresult.

  • Joakim Hernberg

    Joakim Hernberg - 2013-01-30

    Don't know. Maybe it's unkind to suggest such a thing, and it's just a bug... Worth a try though :)

  • akI

    akI - 2013-02-01

    Two things i have to ask:

    First of all, as i understand the README shipped with the latest wineasio i need to rename the winelibpaths into the make file to /usr/lib/i386_linux_gnu/wine and/or /usr/lib/x86_64_linux_gnu/wine? This have to be the last line of the make file?

    And for renaming the complete driver, so that its named completely different and not wineasio, i need to replace all "wineasio" and/or "WineASIO" into something different like "foo"? :-)

    Thanks for an answer.

  • Joakim Hernberg

    Joakim Hernberg - 2013-02-02
    1. Get the the code from the (new) git repo, not the tarball, since there have been some fixes to the code.
    2. You don't really need to run make install, you can also just manually copy the 32bit to the directory containing your 32bit wine libs. I think on debian based systems that is indeed /usr/lib/i386_linux_gnu/wine. You will find plenty of other 32bit wine libs there.
    3. The line to change is 543 in asio.c reading: strcpy(name, "WineASIO");
    4. I just realized that might not be enough, and that there is also a registry key called WineASIO, and I am unsure on how to change it witout breaking wineasio (would have to spend some time reviewing that part of the code). But changing line 543 will make wineasio return a different name when asked, so might be enough.
  • akI

    akI - 2013-02-04

    I think you mean the files stored under "code" here

    Im running into trouble by call make from the folder:

    winegcc -shared -m32 wineasio.dll.spec -mnocygwin -L/usr/lib32/wine -L/usr/lib32 -o asio.o main.o regsvr.o -ljack -lodbc32 -lole32 -lwinmm -luuid
    /usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine/libuuid.a(uuid.o)' is incompatible with i386 output
    /usr/bin/ld: Relocatable linking with relocations from format elf64-x86-64 (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine/libwinecrt0.a(dll_entry.o)) to format elf32-i386 (wineasio.QRBzVC.o) is not supported
    winebuild: /usr/bin/ld failed with status 1
    winegcc: winebuild failed

    What im doing wrong here?

  • Peter L Jones

    Peter L Jones - 2013-03-07

    I'm guessing as I've not got tools set up right now but have you got libuuid for 32bit installed? i.e. the full wine32bit developer libraries?

  • akI

    akI - 2014-01-18

    Right now im in some discussions about Cubase/Wine with Steinberg. If its usefull let me know and i would place some requests. They are thinking of supporting wine and especially wineasio. Also they asked me to test some Plugins on wine in their VSTTestHost app.

    Seems to be an interesting story. I think they getting awaked because at the moment there is alot of noise around linux if you think about SteamOS/Bitwig Studio etc. Also Roland (yes THE Roland) are thinking about to port their Cakewalk DAW to linux with the help of kickstarter.

    So let me know if i can ask/do anything for you here.

  • Joakim Hernberg

    Joakim Hernberg - 2014-01-18

    The one big thing steinberg could do for wineasio is to give us permission to modify/distribute the asio.h header file with the source code! The reason to modify is because long means something different under 64bit windows and linux. The reason to distribute is the fact that most distros have a problem distributing wineasio as we can't include the asio.h header file in the tarball.

    Apart from that, if they make a dongle work in wine or drop the requirement completely, I'd be happy to test wineasio with their products if they provide me with NFR copies.


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