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 mdb 2009-07-27 Michael Kohler Michael Kohler [39067b] Bug 106386 - Correct misspellings in source cod...
 mork 2011-05-10 Ed Morley Ed Morley [082d53] Bug 655756 - Remove final XP_MAC remnants; r=josh
 morkreader 2009-08-25 Benjamin Smedberg Benjamin Smedberg [2e9438] Followup to bug 398573 - remove REQUIRES from t...
 sqlite3 2011-05-23 Marco Bonardo Marco Bonardo [a363c0] Bug 658135 - Use sqlite3_stmt_readonly to check... 2009-11-13 Mitchell Field Mitchell Field [92a2de] bug 462381 - sprinkle magic PARALLEL_DIRS fairy...
 README.html 2007-03-22 [465265] Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge ...

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mdb/Mork general-purpose database<p>
db contains C++ code for the mdb/Mork database which is a low-level,
general-purpose and cross-platform file library. It is used to store
mail box data, news data and global history data.

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