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[8158e0] (FIREFOX_BETA_10mozilla-beta10) by ffxbld ffxbld

Added tag FIREFOX_RELEASE_9 for changeset c5898e7a8d36. CLOSED TREE a=release

2012-01-29 07:24:26 Tree
[01df4b] by ffxbld ffxbld

Added tag RELEASE_BASE_20120128 for changeset c5898e7a8d36. CLOSED TREE a=release

2012-01-29 07:22:05 Tree
[b37f0b] (FIREFOX_RELEASE_9RELEASE_BASE_20120128) by John Schoenick John Schoenick

bug 702466, imported patch fix_via_handler_table, r=sicking, a=dveditz

2012-01-28 03:38:01 Tree
[98f41a] by Jonas Sicking Jonas Sicking

Bug 702466: Make sure we actually abort if we end up with unbalanced stacks. r=dbaron, a=dveditz

2012-01-29 00:23:12 Tree
[9f43d4] by John Schoenick John Schoenick

Bug 702466 - Validate internal stack state in xslt parser. r=sicking, a=dveditz

2012-01-29 04:55:04 Tree
[09723b] by Chris Leary Chris Leary

Bug 719315: Free unused chunks. (r=luke, a=akeybl)

2012-01-19 02:55:01 Tree
[abc835] by Jeff Walden Jeff Walden

Bug 720094 - Simplify the implementation of JSDOUBLE_IS_NaN a bit, consolidating two implementations (conditioned on the architecture) into one. r=dvander, a=akeybl

2012-01-21 07:39:32 Tree
[2bf772] by Fabrice Desré Fabrice Desré

Bug 713468 - xulrunner builds include OpenWebapps.js, breaking add-on installation in Fedora [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]

2012-01-24 00:10:39 Tree
[cd6d5a] by Timothy B. Terriberry Timothy B. Terriberry

Bug 719612 - Update libvorbis. r=kinetik a=akeybl

2012-01-20 09:54:44 Tree
[43af0d] by Gian-Carlo Pascutto Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Bug 693389 - Update urlclassifier DB for Mozilla com->org move. r=dcamp a=akeybl

2012-01-23 17:39:00 Tree
[37f7b7] by Ali Juma Ali Juma

Backout Bug 694964 as the suspected caused of Bug 720353. a=johnath

2012-01-23 16:30:49 Tree
[6061f3] by Ben Turner Ben Turner

Bug 718202. r=jst, a=keybl.

extra : transplant_source : %E4L%C6Y%B7Yr%7D%EE%86BJ%BE%BC%8C%0F%83%AC%E1%9C

2012-01-18 18:05:38 Tree
[543d01] by Benoit Girard Benoit Girard

Bug 719025 - Disable async CA to fix Unity plugin flickering. r=smichaud, a=akeybl

2012-01-23 02:43:01 Tree
[ee2c46] (CALENDAR_1_2_BUILD1CALENDAR_1_2_RELEASE) by Dão Gottwald Dão Gottwald

Bug 694084 - Showing/hiding the conditional forward button resizes the search bar in a new profile (when the url/search bar splitter hasn't been used). r=gavin a=johnath

2012-01-20 14:25:56 Tree
[462198] by Ben Turner Ben Turner

Bug 718311. r=mrbkap, a=keybl.

extra : transplant_source : %92%27%95%C9%04%E8%D2%26C%D2E%C8%23%E0c%29%DB%E4%147

2012-01-17 20:06:10 Tree
[33d8ea] (THUNDERBIRD_10_0b4_BUILD1THUNDERBIRD_10_0b4_RELEASE) by Jonathan Kew Jonathan Kew

bug 714067 - correction in ligature indexing when combining marks are present. r=behdad a=akeybl

2012-01-15 08:52:00 Tree
[79ef37] by Brian R. Bondy Brian R. Bondy

Bug 598289 - CF_HTML handling backout of revisions: 9e3562fefd4c, b7486f31f6b1, and 16c9cfa0cf84. r=roc, a=akeybl

2012-01-18 02:50:49 Tree
[98482b] by Oleg Romashin Oleg Romashin

Bug 694964 - Ensure we don't use a destroyed surface. r=ajuma, a=akeybl

2012-01-12 23:49:43 Tree
[c26f25] by Matt Woodrow Matt Woodrow

Bug 715916 - Check the result of GetFrame in nsImageFrame::GetContainer. r=joe a=akeybl

2012-01-17 20:54:24 Tree
[935484] by Boris Zbarsky Boris Zbarsky

Bug 712289. Make sure that alignment requirements agree for js::Value and jsval_layout. r=luke, a=akeybl

2012-01-15 04:39:32 Tree
[c5ae06] by Jeff Gilbert Jeff Gilbert

Bug 702058 - Prefer CGL+FBOs by default on Mac (fx10) - r=bjacob, a=akeybl

2012-01-16 20:40:32 Tree
[2b59e9] by Chris Pearce Chris Pearce

Bug 713381 - Backout 34e3a0cb25a4 and 8eb1a29b4aa0 (bug 691096) to fix null-pointer deref. a=akeybl

2012-01-15 20:53:21 Tree
[2b07a5] by Marty Rosenberg Marty Rosenberg

Bug 696748 r=dmandelin a=curtisk

2012-01-12 23:56:46 Tree
[9c68eb] by Brian Hackett Brian Hackett

Fix bug 715662, r=dvander a=akeybl

2012-01-11 01:04:59 Tree
[1aa1bd] by Dave Townsend Dave Townsend

Bug 707207: Add the hotfix certificate's fingerprint. r=Unfocused, a=LegNeato

2012-01-10 23:40:14 Tree
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