moose - 2012-02-24

I have been a happy user of windows pager for some time, but have a problem with two applications I use which hampers productivity. 

First is the FireFox add-in "Clip to OneNote.  I Firefox is in one windowspager desktop and Microsoft OneNote in another, and I click to save some web material from FireFox to OneNote with "Clip to OneNote", I get a pop-up message saying: "you cannot use this command while there is a dialogue open in OneNote".  However, when I then put both programs in a single windowspager desktop, the feature works without a problem.

Second problem is with Roboform, which uses a pop-up window to click to insert userIDs and passwords in web pages.  If I click on a hyperlink in an Outlook e-mail when Firefox is in a different windowspager desktop, the Roboform pop-up window comes up in the Outlook desktop.  If I click to send the ID and password to the web page, I get the following error message:  "The topmost browser already has a modal dialog in it.  Please close this dialog and try again.  I can do one of two things to work around:  either ask the roboform window to be active everywhere, so it shows up in the Firefox desktop (that has to be redone for every new instance), or slide the roboform popup over to the Firefox desktop using the taskbar windows.  I've tried adding the Roboform window to the ignore list, but that doesn't work.

A solution to these problems would make a great application even better.