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  • aspwebsoft

    aspwebsoft - 2008-04-24

    Are you a asp, vb developer and insterested to work on this web controller project ?
    Some work is needed before the panel can be used on windows 2008 servers. So I am looking for interested devs.

    If any one is interested to work on this please send me a message. Mokarrabin@hotmail.com, email me or msn message me.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2008-05-29


      i like develop software
      my interests is PHP, MySQL and HTML
      You can include me to Project if you wish

      my mail is tsvetanmail@gmail.com

    • Horatio

      Horatio - 2008-07-31


      I'm a .Net developer and out of job for some times. I love coding and don't want to give up my career as a developer. I'm interested in .Net development.

      You can take me in.


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