Kevin Lahey - 2012-10-22

I really like the product, but am frustrated that you can't view files with offsets/logical page numbers correctly.

There are all sorts of things that would be nice to have, but the only thing that I absolutely need is viewing logical page numbers correctly.  The table of contents jumps to the wrong page if file uses offsets/logical page numbers.

I would also point out that adding support for this feature doesn't interfere with how a page is displayed so it can't introduce strange bugs. It only changes what page you land on when you click on a content link or type a number/letter into the page number display. So it can be implemented fairly easily.

If you are worried about how this will affect current users, you can do like FoxIt pdf reader did when they finally added this feature. They just added a preference choice to turn it on and off.

Several others have brought this up as a feature request and I wanted to speak up and add my voice.