Opening two views of the same document

  • szhorvat

    szhorvat - 2009-07-11

    Is there a way to open two views of the same document, either in multiple windows, multiple tabs, or in a split view?  I could not find any way to do this.

    I often need to flip between the parts of a document quickly (for example, looking at a figure/table/formula while reading another part of the document, possibly several pages away).

    • Vasilisa Beautiful

      Just now I try to open a document twice. It was opened in two windows, the views are independent.
      Also you can use Bookmarks for flips between pages, or buttons Previous View and Next View.

    • szhorvat

      szhorvat - 2009-07-12

      If a document is already open, opening it again does not create a new window.  I know about bookmarks and the back/forward button, but they don't provide the same functionality.

      Did you change any settings to allow opening a single document in more than one window? As I said, if a doc is already open, a new window is *not* created for it when trying to open it again on my computer.

    • Vasilisa Beautiful

      it's my mistake. Rather interesting: a document can be opened twice from archive rar. Last time I do that. Sorry, I'm only user :)
      And one detail: I have two versions of DjView installed, the programms open a document independently.

    • szhorvat

      szhorvat - 2009-07-12

      Still, this gives me an idea: I'll just make a copy of the file and open that as the second view of the document. Likely this is what happened when the files were extracted from the RAR archive.  Ugly, but it works, and that's what I care about at the moment :-)

  • Gershon Witzling

    There are at least two less ugly workarounds of this problem. First insert the file WinDjView.exe or its shortcut to start menu and use it before opening desired document and second even more elegant copy the same WinDjView.exe or its shortcut to Send to menu and open doc directly from desired document file by using Send to command in right click floating menu.


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