Problems when printing

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sorry, but this is again a report about incorrect printing

    P4 2.8Ghz 512 Mo RAM
    Windows 2000pro
    Printer: HP LaserJet 1320

    Ptinting modes: any (A4, booklets, two-sided, ...)

    Results: print whites pages instead of images, incorrect vertical page scaling, print black bands at the bottom of pages...

    Several documents have been tested. Same behaviors for all of them... too bad

    In all cases screen display is good


    • Andrew Zhezherun

      Thanks for your report. Could you please provide detailed information on this problem? I am confused by the words "white pages instead of images" and "incorrect vertical scaling" - this cannot happen both at the same time on the same page. Do you get white pages for one document/page, and incorrect scaling for a different document/page? Could you send me these documents, or at least send me the text from the "Page Info" dialog for the problematic pages, describing which page corresponds to which behavior? Maybe you could send me photos of incorrectly printed pages? Thanks.

    • Andrew Zhezherun

      Please try this latest development version and tell me if any of the issues you described have been solved:


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