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several djvu files open

  • orfarin

    orfarin - 2007-10-09


    first of all, thanks for a great program!!!

    I had to reinstall Windows, and now when I open several djvu files, they are all using the same one instance of WinDjView, and to change and view another file I have to go to "Window" menu and choose the file I want to see. Before I reinstalled, I am sure that each djvu file was using its own instance of WinDjView which was much more convenient and I could change files to view very fast from Windows bar. I checked the setting but couldn't find anything, is this depending of some Windows setting?

    The best would be, if there are tabs inside WinDjView, which would allow fast change of file to view.

    Thanks for your help,

  • Gershon Witzling

    There are at least two workarounds of this problem. First insert the file WinDjView.exe or its shortcut to start menu and use it before opening desired document and second even more elegant copy the same WinDjView.exe or its shortcut to Send to menu and open doc directly from desired document file by using Send to command in right click floating menu.


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