annotation or note or bookmark support?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't know exactly the difference between these three.

    But I wonder, could the program support to add some note/comment/annotation when I read the djvu and save it with the original djvu file?

    I checked, and found that it support bookmark,
    but from the menu or toolbar of the program, I could not find any way to do this.

    • Andrew Zhezherun

      WinDjView supports bookmarks which are embedded in the DjVu file. Favorites are on the todo list and will eventually be implemented.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Andrew,

      This is Jim Rile from PlanetDjVu. I have just reviewed the situation concerning DjVu annotations in the Forum of PlanetDjVu. Please check out this new thread.

      This user was interested in adding notes to DjVu files, which would be possible if the new (one year old) Text Annotation type for DJVu were supported in your desktop DjVu viewers. Apparently Leon at DjVuLibre has the code for this (supplied by LizardTech) but maybe has not included it in the DjVuLibre source code distribution. You could ask him for it. Of course, display and creation of DjVu annotations are two separate issues, and it would be great if WinDjView and MacDjView would support the display or printing of all annotation types, which are:

      Highlight Areas
      Rectangular Hyperlinks
      Oval Hyperlinks
      Polygon Hyperlinks
      Text Annotations
      Line Annotations
      Headers (for printing but not for display)
      Footers (for printing but not for display)

      Currently, you fully support the display of Highlight Areas and Rectangular Hyperlinks. Oval and Polygon Hyperlinks are displayed as Rectangular Hyperlinks. The rest are not supported.

      If you could support the creation and writing of these annotations into the Annotation Chunk of a DjVu file that is displayed, that would greatly increase the value of your viewers. Currently, these annotations (the complete set) can only be created in Document Express Editor 6.0.1 (aka DjVu Editor, from LizardTech).

      While DjVuLibre and LizardTech are still focused on the "web-centric" nature of DjVu files, you have opened the door to viewing, collecting and sharing DjVu files outside of the web, on the desktop, which is a tremendous thing. Annotation support will greatly facilitate the sharing aspect (particularly Text Annotation creation).

      As for Headers and Footers, you still have the most complete set of printing features for DjVu, even without the support for header and footer printing, but you may want to add this support just to remain "on top" regarding printing.

      Best Regards,

      Jim Rile

    • Andrew Zhezherun

      Hi Jim,

      The additional bookmark types will of course become eventually implemented, but I don't know when I'll have time for this. Adding of user-created annotations is also planned, as well as headers and footers.

      Best regards,

    • Luap777

      Luap777 - 2006-12-09

      If you ever do get around to user created annotations, it would be wonderful if there could be choice to store them either internally or externally. Often, documents are stored on CD, so it wouldn't be possible to annotate them. Maybe an option such as "Annotation directory", then an XML file for each file you have annotated. Just an idea, and it's already a wonderful program :)

      Thank you,
      Paul S.

    • himagain

      himagain - 2007-05-05

      Hi there Andrew,
      TOTALLY new user to DJVU and just found your effort. Amazing!
      Just wanted to say thanks for it ...and user-annotations would make it astounding! Don't want to push you though... :-)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I make a lot of annotations on the pdf-files I read and save. It would be very useful if I could do the same with djvu-files,
      so a hope someone could make a djvu reader that allows annotations.

      Erkki Thuneberg (mac user)


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