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Memory leak: WinDjVu 2.0.1 on XP up to date

  • klo

    klo - 2012-09-17

    Offending column is "Private bytes"

    This leak happens after I add metadata to particular DjVu file with djvused, which perhaps triggers something else. Further, problem occurs with metadata comment. Here is metadata (meta.txt) I embed with "djvused.exe file.djvu -e "set-meta meta.txt":

    Publisher   "Prentice Hall"
    Comment "BASIC APPROACH: Comprehensive -- this text explores the full range of finite element methods used in engineering practice for actual applications in computer-aided design. It provides not only an introduction to finite element methods and the commonality in the various techniques, but explores state-of-the-art methods as well -- with a focus on what are deemed to become classical techniques -- procedures that will be standard and authoritative for finite element analysis for years to come."
    Title   "Finite Element Procedures"
    Author  "Klaus-Jurgen Bathe"

    If I remove comment and apply metadata there is no more memory leak.

    I've done this procedure many times before, so it's unclear what is it, perhaps it's some error in DjVu file itself, but then SumatraPDF doesn't have problem with it, nor Document Express or DjVu libre viewer or Caminova viewer…

    If you are interested I can sent you the file in question

    Cheers, and thanks for your work

  • klo

    klo - 2012-09-17

    If happened yet again with another file.
    Same procedure.
    djvused must be doing something that WinDjView doesn't like ;)


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