Bookmark Tool

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It would be nice if your Bookmark Tool can also extract bookmarks from DJVU files. It's so simple.

    I've made such version of EmbedBookmarks-1.0.cpp for myself, but I'm not familiar with STL, so that version of EmbedBookmarks-1.0.cpp looks ugly.

    • gongadze

      gongadze - 2007-04-26

      With the usage of djvulibre_v3.5.11 it is simple to
      generate the bookmarks, but the result not fully correct:
      djvused sample.djvu -e "print-outline">
      c:\foo\eSLP>djvused sample.djvu -e "set-outline"
      *** Syntax error in outline data: expecting name string.
      *** (C:\d\tools\djvused.cpp:338)
      The contains null bytes and djvused fails. :((


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