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Document and Page Background Color support

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Please add support for the rendering of Document Background Color and Page Background Color to your to-do list.


    Jim Rile

    • Andrew Zhezherun

      As far as I know, the "document background color", as it is handled in DjVu, is not the background color of the page, but the color of the exterior of the page (of the canvas the pages are drawn on). This functionality is totally useless in my opinion. The background color should be fixed, as in Adobe Reader.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Yes, you are correct, it is the color of the canvas that the pages are drawn on. I disagree that this functionality is useless. I think instead that it is a useful aid to presentation.

      Take a look at the "5,000 pictures of 9-11" DjVu sample that I posted on the home page of PlanetDjVu (link in upper right corner), using the LT plugin. You see that the canvas color is set to black. This enhances the photo presentation. Most of the time, black will be the desired alternative color. It would work well with comic book pages too, in addition to certain photo collections.

      Also take a look at this DjVu file:
      You see that the canvas background color is set at the page level in colors that complement the various page colors.

      One of the great potential uses of WinDjView (and MacDjView) is the ability to serve as the viewer software for document collections that are distributed on CD. On a collection CD, "presentation" is key, and custom canvas colors are an aid to presentation.

      I don't dispute that gray should be the default color as in Adobe Reader. It is better than white with a wireframe, which is what the first DjVu viewer (the earlier plugin) used, and what the DjVuLibre viewer still uses (I think).

      A DjVu user recently (this past weekend) inquired about custom canvas color in the forum of PlanetDjVu. You can check that for my detailed reply. It was in preparing my reply that I noticed the lack of support in WinDjView 0.4.3, and then made my request.

      When thinking about custom canvas color, don't think about white paper. Think about colored documents (yellowed, comics, etc.)and photos. It makes more sense, I think, for documents of these types, and particularly in the context of packaged collection presentations. In fact, when I produced the commercial "Marvel Comic Book Library" publication on DVD using DjVu a couple of years ago, I used black as the custom canvas color (the plugin was used as the viewer on this disc, the DjVu embedded in HTML). FYI if I do another comic collection on DVD using DjVu, I will want to use WinDjView as the viewer :)

      Note that DjVu Solo, DjVu Editor and JRAPublish all already support the creation of custom canvas color...

      Best, Jim

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'd like to have back- and foreground colors adjustable from menu of WinDjView. For exmample, in Ice-Book Reader (see\) anyone can setup background and text colors as he like. I do often use darkgreen bg and lightgray fg for my eyes get less tired.

      Thank you very much for your work!
      Kamskyi Vladimir

      • Andrew Zhezherun

        Currently you can use Brightness, Contrast and Gamma settings to adjust colors. Custom bg and fg colors are a bit tricky to implement, because djvu is essentially a bitmap format, not text.

        • Yevgen

          Yevgen - 2006-12-05

          Could you provide Invert mode? And bind it to some hot key?


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