WinDJVIEW and the registry

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    First of all, congratulation for this wonderful viewer ! I was ready to abandoned the DJVU format because it's not really common but now, I can carry the viewer on a USB key!

    I created a small launcher with NSIS for WinDJVIEW. What is the registry entry wich allow the maximization of the window (in order to use the whole screen).

    I already discover :

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Andrew Zhezherun\WinDjView\Display]

    The view mode is "fit width" and the child window is maximized but the "main" windows is still small.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Andrew Zhezherun

      This is the correct registry key for maximizing main window. It works correctly on my PC.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I tried on 4 differents computer and the main window is never maximized :(
        I will check config file of NSIS..



      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The problem seems to come from NSIS installer. If I launch az.reg (the file containing information for the registry) by double click, everything is OK... but if put those information in the config file of NSIS, everything is recognized except the "maximized" field... pretty strange !



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