WinXP (sp3)

WinDirStat (Unicode)

Wishlist - 3 items with more important ones first

Really useful utility - many thanks, but -

1 - My 320Gb external backup drive has 430,000 files across 23,500 sub-dirs. This takes quite a while (nearly 18 mins) to process on my slow pc. Most of these files don't move, so it would be very nice if WinDirStat could save this data in some way that would re-load quickly, and I could view it again later without a VERY LONG refresh.

2 - I don't have Outlook set up on this pc.

a)  Can you also save reports as a text file in a selectable location (not using email).

b)  I'm sending this request manually from Hotmail in Internet Explorer. It would have been nice to be able to 'select' your email address from the bug/comment screen with the mouse, then copy - paste it into this mail to avoid any typing errors.

Thanks again for a great utility.

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