tet99 - 2006-02-03

Hello All,

I have written WinDD - a simple Win32 app which dumps one disk partition to another.   Reset your PC and your destination partition contains a complete dupl of the original partition.

Problem arises when copying NTFS partitions.   When Windows is shutdown normally, the next restart causes the dumped data to be lost and some pieces of old data to be visible in Windows Explorer.   Try to open the old files and Windows fails with 'file corruption' error.   Non-NTFS partitions don't suffer problems, and NTFS partitions don't suffer problems when you shutdown by pulling the plug - i.e. bypassing WinXP shutdown.

QUESTION: It seems like WinXP is writing some obsolete disk mgt data to the NTFS partition on shutdown.   What is it and how can I prevent it being written?

All help appreciated.