Erro code 39 in Vista x64

  • Thiago Lara

    Thiago Lara - 2009-06-10


    I did install the WinCDEmu in my computer (S.O. Windows Vista 64). But don't work. In control painel has a IDE/Sata Controller called Virtual Disk enumerator. It is with error code 39.

    There is any solution?

    I want use this software.

    • David L

      David L - 2009-06-12

      not sure if this will help but it explains the error at least.

      Code 39

      Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

      There are several causes of Code 39 errors:
      - A required device driver is missing.
      - A required binary file is corrupted.
      - There is a problem with the file I/O process.
      - A driver that is referencing an entry point in another binary file is unable to load.

      Recommended resolution:
      Reinstall the drivers for this device.


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