WinCDEmu incompatible with ISO Recorder v3

  •  Old Faithful

    Old Faithful - 2011-04-17

    As the title says… ISO Recorder v3 deactivates WinCDEmu if installed after it; if installed before it, aborts installation of WinCDEmu. Finally, ISO Recorder v3 won't uninstall clean, requiring a registry restore.

    Too bad, because it would seem they should be perfect companions. One to create ISOs from windows folders, the other to mount them as drives. I guess I'll have to get back to that bloatware nero until I find a solution.

    Any ideas? Have yo guys seen this before? I already wrote to ISO Recorder's author, Mr. Alex Feinman.

    Using the latest version of WinCDEmu, 3.4 signed. Vista Home Premium.

    Thanks for the feedback

  •  Old Faithful

    Old Faithful - 2011-04-18

    It seems the issue is resolved if ISO Recorder is updated to v 3.1 (Vista and 7, dated 2010).

    Problem Solved!


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