improving installer, various features

  • whereisian

    whereisian - 2008-10-11


    I'm interested in using this package. I like the simple concept.

    I was wonder if there were plans to improve the installation? During the installation, there was a brief 'how-to use' the software, which was helpful. However there was no mention of the other dependencies (BazisLib and in turn MS WDK) . Would it be possible to include these dependencies as part of the installation? If there are reasons that dependencies cannot be included, there should be a link to them, or a prompt to take the user to the page to get them.

    A note about supported formats would also be helpful as part of the installation.

    Also an uninstallation script would be good too. It is unclear what gets put where as part of the installation, leaving me hesitant to simply remove the program directory.

    Looking forward to this project maturing.


    • Ivan S. Shcherbakov

      BazisLib and MS WDK are not required to use the program, thus, they are not mentioned in the installer. You need these two only to build the sources.


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