Winboard 4.5 for JAWS and NVDA is a free and highly accessible Chess program that operates entirely by keyboard and interfaces with the JAWS and the free NVDA screen readers to supply blind users audio feedback of board condition while using their tactile board. Players who can not use a mouse and Quadriplegics have full keyboard control. Partial sighted players can use high contrast and adjust piece and board size. Available languages are English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian. The Program has all of the functions of Winboard and so also represent the state of the art among all chess programs. Installed "chess engines" or internet chess server play with humans supply worthy opponents. "Setting Up WinBoard 4.5 for JAWS.doc" is the quick start guide and "Winboard 4.5 for JAWS.doc" is the full manual. Traditional Winboard docs are also included as well as a list of all the key combos. Send questions to the email at the end of the full manual. Best Regards, Dave