WinAVR 20071221 Released

Below is just a sample of what's new.

- Added support for these devices:

* AT90PWM216
* AT90PWM316
* ATtiny43U
* ATtiny48
* ATtiny88
* ATmega48P
* ATmega88P
* ATmega168P
* ATmega328P
* ATmega1284P
* ATmega32HVB

- Binutils 2.18

New version.

- GCC 4.2.2

New version.

- avr-libc 1.6.0

New version.

Two new APIs that allow you to specify fuses and lockbits in your application. This fuse and lockbit data is then stored in special sections in the ELF file which programming software can then use to program the AVR.
This means that a single file (ELF) now contains all information needed to program the AVR.

A completely rewritten floating-point library, contributed by Dmitry Xmelkov. It is smaller and faster, but as it's an almost full rewrite.

A rewritten and much extended <avr/interrupt.h>, contributed by Dean Camera. This re-introduces the availability for a macro that can be used to declare an ISR that starts with interrupts initially enabled, but also simplifies declaring "naked" ISRs, and includes ISR aliasing features as well.

The older ISR_ALIAS() macro has been deprecated in favour of the ISR_ALIASOF() attribute to the rewritten ISR() macro.

An <util/setbaud.h> helper file, contributed by Cliff Lawson and Carlos Lamas. The idea behind that file is to provide a simple preprocessor logic for the calculation of AVR baud rate prescaler values, which also includes a check against a pre-defined acceptable baud-rate tolerance (2 % by default), and also automatically suggesting the use of the U2X bit when it's necessary in order to achieve the baud-rate tolerance.

An <util/atomic.h> file, also contributed by Dean Camera. This offers a nice wrapper to make certain brace-blocks in an application atomic with respect to being not interrupted.

- avrdude 5.5

New version.

- GDB / Insight 6.6

New version.

- AVaRICE 2.7

New version.

- SRecord 1.37

New version.

- Moved location of examples

The location of the avr-libc example programs has been moved from <install>\examples to <install>\doc\avr-libc\examples. This was done to ensure that documentation links are not broken.

- GCC Ada compiler for the AVR

- AVR-Ada 0.5.2: Run Time System for the Ada compiler

- GCC Objective-C compiler for the AVR

Posted by Eric Weddington 2007-12-21

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