WinAVR 20070525 Released

WinAVR 20070525 is released!


It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of WinAVR, before
installing a new version of WinAVR.

Below is just a sample of what's new.

- Installer Changes

The installer has been changed and simplified. It no longer does automatic uninstallation of the previous version. However, all the registry keys and installation path is tied to the WinAVR version number, which should allow future multiple toolchain installations to coexist.

- GCC 4.1.2

New version. There have been many bugs fixed, thanks to Anatoly Sokolov.

- avr-libc 1.4.6

New version. Bugs fixed, user manual expanded.

- GDB/Insight 6.5

GDB is now a native Win32 executable! No longer linked to Cygwin!

- Added support for these devices:

* AT90USB82
* AT90USB162
* ATmega325P
* ATmega3250P
* ATmega329P
* ATmega3290P
* AT90PWM1
* ATmega16HVA
* ATmega8HVA

- LibUSB-Win32

LibUSB-Win32 drivers are included for the Atmel JTAG ICE mkII and the AVRISP mkII. However, these drivers will not work with the Jungo drivers that are installed by AVR Studio; they are mutually exclusive. If you want to have avrdude or avarice connect to these devices, then install these drivers.

- SRecord 1.31

New version.

- SimulAVR

New version.

- Programmers Notepad

New version.

- Updates to the WinAVR Makefile Template and MFile.

Posted by Eric Weddington 2007-05-25

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