#1 Power button settings are disable on old 23" apple display

v1.0 (example)


i can't set option for the power button in the control
panel of winACD 4.3.0 also the disable power button and
disablebrightness button are disabled.

my monitor is a 23" old cinema display (the one with
the white/transparent plastic border)

thanks in advance



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    We need to find a developer who has access to a clear
    cinema display. I can only test on “aluminum” displays.
    What is missing is the event mask and value for the bezel

    One can write a simple HID client application to get those
    values (with WinACD’s acdfilter installed).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have a 20" cinema display with the white/transparent
    border and have the same problem that the power button
    options are disabled.

    I could dig out my copy of visual studio and check out the
    code from CVS if you can give me some pointers as to what
    I'm looking for. I've got a decent amount of development
    exerpience, but I've never done any work with USB HID stuff.
    Drop me an e-mail at jdreed AT mit DOT edu if you want.

  • Laurent Morichetti

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    I had a full description of what was needed for the clear
    display on Apple's support forum but it got erased and I
    don't remember all the steps.

    Basically, what you need is the VID/PID of the monitor as
    well as the original HID descriptor. You can sniff the
    descriptor with UsbSnoop when you connect the monitor
    breakout cable (make sure WinACD is not installed because
    it bypasses the hardware hid descriptor)

    Once you have the original HID descriptor, you'll see all
    the declared features of the device. Update the
    Features.cpp program and try it to see what changes when
    you press the bezel buttons or you set the features (see
    the /read option).

    Good luck.


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