WinACD v0.2 released

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Changes since v0.1.9:

- New ACDMon application to change the brightness with system hotkeys [Ctrl + Alt + Num+/-] (will be configurable in v0.3).
- New control panel extension layout (the Options dialog will be functional in v0.3).
- No driver changes

Changes since v0.1.1:

- Theme support in the control panel extension.
- New MS installer package (installs both acdfilter and acdext)
- Minor filter driver fixes (added string descriptor caching and corrected some iostatus return values)

NOTE: If you have acdfilter/acdext v0.1.x installed, please, uninstall them before upgrading. If you have WinACD-vx.x.x installed you do not need to do anything, the installer will uninstall the previous version itself.

To uninstall acdfilter v0.1.x:
- Run [My Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager]
- Run [Human Interface Device->Apple HID Monitor Controls->Uninstall...]

Search all the files containing APPLE_HID in C:\WINDOWS\Inf . Remove the oemXX.inf and the matching oemXX.pnf .

Delete C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\acdfilter.sys .

Disconnect the ACD USB plug and reconnect it (or scan for new hardware)

To uninstall acdext v0.1.1:
go to [Add or Remove Programs] and remove "Apple Cinema Display Controls"

Posted by Laurent Morichetti 2005-05-05

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