Lets talk 64bit support

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-08-13

    We all know that 64bit support is not coming. This project is abandoned, and no updates have been made available for more than a few years now.

    I would like to start a donation account to start a vworker.com project (rent-a-coder), and have bid to see if someone can convert these drivers/apps and make then 64bit compatible. I have two machines with Apple cinema displays running windows 7 64bit. Would be nice to have WinACD available in 64bit to finally control brightness, power, etc…

    At first I was going to try and take the project myself, but I'm a LAMP programmer not a Windows C++ coder. I also don't have the time to learn Windows compilers, libs, drivers, and I haven't programmed in C++ in over 10 years.

    Does this sound like something anyone would be interested in? I'm willing to put $100 dollars to start for a vworker.com project. With vworker.com, the project needs to be completed before anyone gets paid. So we don't run the risk of hiring someone who can't complete the project.

    If enough people are interested. I'll make plans to start a sourceforge account, and make the donation option available. I still need to review WinACD licensing, but I'm assuming it's standard GNU GPL?

    Also, if you or anyone knows someone who can do the job, let me know.



  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-09-11

    I had the same problem with the project being abandoned.

    The thing is i have not coded any C++ since…. forever… So converting the project to x64 and adding support for my 27" LED Cinama  display was a bit too mutch.

    In stead i wrote a user space driver+app in C#. But i still need some help from users to add support for older cinema display models.
    My program can gather the USB HID information i need from "Help -> Gather HID information" and then i can easily add support for all the old cinema display models.


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