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  • stevejay

    stevejay - 2005-06-05


    I'm having a couple of difficulties with the rebar control implementation in Win32GUI.  By following the examples, I can successfully create the rebar and add panes containing controls to it (like toolbars, edit boxes and combo boxes).  However, I'm having problems controlling their sizes when placed on the rebar.

    First of all, let's say that I add two panes to the blank rebar.  Each pane consists of a toolbar control with a few buttons.  What I want is for the second toolbar to be placed immediately after the first one, on a single rebar row.  However, the second toolbar gets pushed to the right-hand side of this rebar row, with the result being a big empty space between them.  (Obviously, I could just use one longer toolbar, but the same thing happens if I stick, say, pane with a combo box after a pane with a toolbar.)

    Secondly, if I add, say, a pane that contains a combo box to the rebar, I want to be able to limit the size of that combo box, instead of having it automatically resize itself to fill the available space.

    Looking at the Win32 API, I did think that adding the CCS_NORESIZE style to the combo box when creating it would be the answer, maybe to both problems, but it's not having any noticeable effect, either because it's not the answer or I'm using it incorrectly. 

    So, is there a solution to my problems?  (Just tell me if I need to post some code here to help you spot where I'm going wrong.)


    • John Torjo

      John Torjo - 2005-06-07

      Hi Steve,

      Please post the code ;)



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