Tab dialog - can't get it to work

Tom Smith
  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith - 2005-10-20

    I've looked at the tab_dialog example, and think I understand how it works / how to add child dialogs for each tab at design time.

    However, trying it myself, I can't get it to create any tabs for me - I added "dummy" controls with the child dialogs' IDs ala. the example, and a string table for the tab captions, but  everything seems to get created on one tab.

    I guess what I would like is a step-by-step guide to using the tab dialog..


    • Steven Weiss

      Steven Weiss - 2005-10-20

      I can understand you...I ran through the same trouble the first time I tried tab_dialog (well, I stepped through the code to get how it works... ;-) )

      but I wrote a tutorial => see the faq in the win32gui docs

      mfg steven

      • Tom Smith

        Tom Smith - 2005-10-20

        From the FAQ: "In the resource editor add a tab_ctrl to a dialog and give it an meaningful ID, suffixed by '_typeis_tab_dialog' (so that at runtime, indeed, a tab dialog will be created)"

        - The tab_dialog example doesn't suffix its tab control ID with _typeis_tab_dialog (it's called ID_tabdialog1). I've tried both naming conventions, and neither seems to be working.

        • John Torjo

          John Torjo - 2005-11-28

          Note: the '_typeis_' suffix works only when used together with Resource Splitter.


          If it still doesn't work, please send some trimmed down code on the mailing list.



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