Strange crash when using richedit 2.0 control

  • ayasin73

    ayasin73 - 2005-04-22


    First I'ld like to say fantastic job on the library!!  I really enjoyed using it so far (2 projects) and reading your articles about it in CUJ.  I found a problem that's got me pulling my hair out.  Every time I try to use a rich edit 2.0 control on a dialog the app crashes.  I tried just adding a rich edit 2.0 control to the simple_startup project with no other code/dialog changes and still it crashed.  Here's my setup:

    1.  Windows XP service pack 2 + all latest security patches
    2.  VC++ 7.1

    On inspecting in the debugger with @ERR after debug break I get 1400 (Invalid handle).  Any idea what might be going on here?

    Best Regards,

    • Steven Weiss

      Steven Weiss - 2005-04-23

      just tried it on my machine (win2k + sp4) and it works. plz try this: checkout the most current version from the cvs.

      if the problem persists it is an error on your machine. then send us a callstack trace

      mfg steven


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