case123 - 2005-08-10

on looking into win32gui, i have discovered the reflection mechanism (ID_Reflect etc.), to allow that control's messages to be handled by that control, as opposed to the parent, dialog having to handle it etc, a good idea if you want a very self-contained widget. on looking into it, i have noticed that there are three camps of message mappings; command, notifiy & event. it seems that only command and notify messges can be reflected? the reason i ask is that i am try to write a self contained custom ownerdrawn listbox & need the WM_DRAWITEM & WM_MEASURITEM events to be handle by my custom listbox event handler as opposed to the parent dialog's event handler. I can appreciate the fact that something like WM_DRAWITEM with its DRAWITEMSTRUCT->CtrlID being more difficult to dispatch on then say a command/notify Ctrld message parameter, but I was wondering if there is a practical change possible in the bowels of win32gui to make this possible? or am I totally off course and there is a simpler solution?

summing up, I am a little lost in knowing how to proceed in getting the drawitem type events 'reflected' to my custom ownerdrawn widget event handler?

any suggestions will be much appreciated,