New compile error in VS2005 Beta 2

  • moswald0000

    moswald0000 - 2005-08-25


    I ran into two compiler errors in VS2005 Beta 2 (win32gui

    reflectable_class.hpp, line 87 or 90:
    either make the function object_reflect_name() return a std::string
    or make m_object_reflect_name a defs::string.

    tooltip_parent.hpp, line 210:
    put _T() around "default"


    • moswald0000

      moswald0000 - 2005-08-25

      In fact, _T() is necessary around (nearly?) every string within the library.

      • John Torjo

        John Torjo - 2005-08-25

        Yes, you're very right...

        Unfortunately, I'm soo busy with other work. In case you're willing, and have the time, write me a private email. All help is welcome :)



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