John Torjo - 2004-12-15

Hi all,

I'm happy to annonce one more program that was built using win32gui.

It's "Cross Builder":

In short, Cross Builder allows you to build C++ projects very easy.
In addition to that, it allows you to modify various compiler settings
in a simple and straightforward way.

Cross Builder's purpose is to make it as easy as possible
for you to build your projects with *any* C++ compiler.

Or, put in other words, *one click*.

Compiler settings apply hierarchically.
This is a very powerful mechanism, and once you see it at work, you'll simply love it!

When you modify a setting, you modify it for:

* a HDD directory or file
* a configuration (such as "Debug", "Release", etc.)
* a compiler (such as "All compilers", "MSVC" (all MS compilers), "VC 7.1", etc)

From then on, this setting will apply to all:
    * it sub-configurations
    * its sub-compilers
    * its HDD sub-directories
...until it's overridden.

Screenshots and possibility to download:

As a side-node, in the near future, I will also post the source-code
for the first version of CB.

Feedback is welcome.