#4 Reformat Device button

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Tobin Davis

It would really be nice to add a button for users to be able to reformat their devices after they are done with the image. A lot easier than using Windows disk manager or downloading some other tool.


  • John

    John - 2014-03-20

    I agree this would be useful. For us it would be especially useful in the case where we've written a file-system image onto a USB stick which is smaller than the full size of the USB stick memory, and then we want to reformat the USB stick so we can use the full size on windows again. The existing windows formatting tools do not cope well with setting the file system back to full size. Currently we use a work-around where we write a blank (all zeros) image to the first few blocks of the memory stick, then reformat it. A single button to do this (with an "are you sure?" dialog box) would be a great help.

  • Tobin Davis

    Tobin Davis - 2014-03-29
    • status: open --> accepted
  • Tobin Davis

    Tobin Davis - 2017-03-08
    • status: accepted --> closed

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