Problems with wimdows 7 wim files

  • JackF

    JackF - 2014-05-16

    There seems to be a problem with MSDN windows 7 wim files.
    Applied images takes much more space on the destination drive.

    [WARNING] The WIM image contains invalid hard links. Fixing.
    Applying image 1 ("Windows 7 STARTER") from "G:\sources\install.wim" to directory "X:\"
    Extracting files: 4769 MiB of 4769 MiB (100%) done
    Setting timestamps on all extracted files...
    Done applying WIM image.

    But on drive X:\ are 6,3 GB occupied

    Using imagex results in 4,86 GB occupied
    This only happens with Windows 7 Wim's. Nor problem with vista and windows 8

  • synchronicity

    synchronicity - 2014-05-18

    Hi, I've added a fix for this. It's caused by the WIM image specifying FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE on every file and NTFS wasting space when this attribute is actually set on files. This is primarily a bug in the WIM image itself, since presumably all the files should not, in fact, be marked as sparse. However, the workaround is to simply ignore FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE, which seems to be what the Microsoft implementation does. Sometime I might add proper support for extracting sparse files, although if done by default it will have to be subject to some heuristic in order to not run into this problem you experienced.

    You can download and test the updated v1.6.3-BETA if you have time.

  • JackF

    JackF - 2014-05-19

    Perfect, the new beta, works alright.
    Thank you.


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