Willowtree update

  • xReaperGFX

    xReaperGFX - 2012-02-06

    I have downloaded the source, and updated it to add a built-in Gear-calculator, Here is a preview

    Please respond, to let me know if u want the code, or if you already have something planed for this.

    Thanks - xReaper

    • Joeri Boudewijns

      I would like to have the code! I have also made some modifications and am now working for Borderlands 2 support.
      Since I like this feature, maybe can come in handy when a direct create can be build in!!

      Best Regards!

  • matt911

    matt911 - 2012-02-09

    Well done!  I have no plans to add a web browser page for Gear Calculator into WillowTree# at the moment, though I do suggest the Gear Calculator website to people are unable to figure out how do modify items in a way that will allow them to work. in Borderlands.  That website is neither updated nor developed anymore as far as I know and it has some of its own issues, so I hesitate to include it.  Someone that wants to access the website can easily put a shortcut on their desktop or in their quick launch bar and access it easily enough.

    I haven't actually played Borderlands in over nine months so I'm not currently planning to add any additional features.  Almost everything in WillowTree# is flawed in some way and could be redesigned, rewritten, or improved in some way.  It needs to be completely rewritten from the ground up and needs to have a completely new GUI developed.  I've spent considerable time trying to work with what is there and despite having rewritten half the lines or more in the program it is still a mess, probably even more moreso than when I started.  It does have more functionality that works, but its still an utter mess.

    There's a lot that I don't even understand well enough about Borderlands to implement in WillowTree# and a complete gear calculator is out of the question without a lot more research which I'm not willing to put in at the moment.

    I must make it clear that I will not make any further modifications to WillowTree# as it exists in version 2.2.1 because of licensing requirements of the commercial DotNetBar library that it uses.   I removed the use of it from the latest development revisions of WillowTree# which can be found in the Experimental folder of the files area and whose source code is available in the uichange branch of the SVN source code repository.  This code branch has changed a vast amount of the WT# code to deal with the absence of the DotNetBar library and deal with fundamental bugs in the way data was stored in WT# 2.2.1.  It hardly looks anything like the code in 2.2.1.  I never got around to making an actual release version revolving around this new code because it never reached the level of completion I hoped to reach, but ultimately it will be the source of any future releases (if any) that I make of WillowTree#.  At this point Borderlands is already over two years old though, so I'm not sure it really makes a lot of sense to put too much development time into what is nearly an obsolete game..

  • xReaperGFX

    xReaperGFX - 2012-02-09

    I agree and thanks for the feedback, if you need help with future projects involving C#, u can ask me ill help if i know what you want done, and if i know how to do it, if you have skype, you can add me and we can exchange code, or ill test things if you need them tested.., (Skype: xReaperGFX).

    Also when Borderlands 2 comes out, is there gonna be a Willow tree 2?, and if so, would you like some assistance?

    Thanks again
    - xReaper

  • matt911

    matt911 - 2012-02-09

    I don't have any current plans to develop a version of WillowTree#  for Borderlands 2.  I can't speak for XanderChaos.  He is the original creator of WillowTree# but he has been inactive for a long time now.

    I won't say its not going to happen, but its not something I'm actively planning.  Borderlands 2 will not be released for several more months and I'll have to see what I'm doing when it comes around.  I am primarily a gamer and only secondarily a programmer.  I have no way to tell six months in advance where my gaming interests will lead me.  For all I know I may be focused on Diablo 3 or some other game that catches my eye, so I'm not committing to anything yet.

    Thanks for your offer of help.  I'm not really doing anything in programming at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold.  Recently I've been busy playing Dungeon Defenders and I have no programming projects related to that game.

  • xReaperGFX

    xReaperGFX - 2012-02-09

    ok then, thanks for responding fast, Are you a ps3, xbox or PC gamer?

    - xReaper

  • matt911

    matt911 - 2012-02-09

    I am a PC gamer mostly.  I do have an Xbox 360 but I don't have an active Xbox Live gold membership, so I usually just stick to the PC.

  • xDevlinx21

    xDevlinx21 - 2012-09-19

    So, now that Borderlands 2 is out, do you know if you'll be making/upgrading a Borderlands 2 tool?


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