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WildMidi Midi Library and Player / News: Recent posts

WildMIDI Released

Lots of issues fixed, including changed CC license to keep the linux dists happy, fixed oss build error, added work around for sampled created by non-conforming guspat editors, tuned reverb, and added some volume leveling options. Fore more details see

Posted by Chris Ison 2010-07-10

WildMIDI 0.2.3 Release

Long overdue release of WildMIDI 0.2.3 is finally here. Once again a demo player is included to give a basic idea of how to use the library. Manpages are also included to help developers ...

Changes from 0.2.2 to 0.2.3
- Appropriate patches from Debian/Ubuntu applied, including the config patches.
- Valgrind errors fixed (still some coming from alsa or pulseaudio).
- Internal midi format changed for better handling.
- Options Altered
- Optional reverb added to the final output.
- Some code split out for easier maintainability.
- Full documentation for API, client and config file.
- Added FastSeek API.
- Added support for data increment/decrement midi controllers.
- Removed code from LoadSamples API.
- Fixed bug in example player where GetOutput errers were ignored

Posted by Chris Ison 2010-07-07

Help Wanted - WildMIDI Bug Reports Needed

We are looking for bug reports for WildMIDI so we can fix them for our next release. If you are having having issues with WildMIDI 0.2.2 or with the current SVN trunk then please report it to our bug system at and we'll ensure they are squished. Distribution maintainers, please submit your patches to and stop holding onto them. Thank you in advance.

Posted by Chris Ison 2010-05-30

WildMIDI switches to Subversion

WildMIDI development has switch to using Subversion on Sourceforge. This is so that previous and future versions are more readily accessable. While source still exists in the CVS it is no-longer maintained. To obtain development source please use svn co wildmidi-devel

Posted by Chris Ison 2010-05-30


The current development and future releases of WildMIDI are now licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 and GNU Lesser General Public License version 3. With the increased exposure WildMIDI has gained through its inclusion into some linux distributions, it is time to update the license to reflect the developers desire to keep it free. This does not effect versions 0.2.2 of WildMIDI or earlier which will remain under version 2 of the GNU General Public License and version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Posted by Chris Ison 2008-05-19

WildMidi Seeks Developers and Sound Engineers

WildMidi, a software midi project, seeks X and kernel developers to help it reach its goal of a complete set of software midi tools for linux.

Sound engineers are also required for suggestions and advice to over come sampling/mixing problems currently being experienced.

Information on the current project can be found at

Posted by Chris Ison 2002-10-23