#17 lost some drum music, but timidity is ok


I use wildmidi v0.2.3 to play midi file. but I found some drum music is lost.
the sound font is eawpats.

I have checked this issue with timidity++ player, it playback with the same sound font and midi player.
Timidity can output the drum sound that is generated from snare2.pat.

I have a question, if they use he same sound font and midi player, why the audio output is different??
Could wildmidi support snare2.pat??


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    Anonymous - 2011-07-06

    test midi for this issue

  • Chris Ison

    Chris Ison - 2011-07-06

    Without Seeing the file itself I can only guess that the snare2.pat was made using software that didn't follow the standard correctly. There is an option you can add into your config that will play pat filed made in software that did not follow the standard correctly. As long as you are using version you can add to your config on its own line


    see if that fixes the issue.

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    Anonymous - 2011-08-05

    Could you help to check attach file??

  • Chris Ison

    Chris Ison - 2011-08-15

    The attached midi file does not play the "snare" on the drum channel, so instead it plays a piano. General Midi Standard requires drum to be played on channel 10, the snare was on channel 11. I do not know why timidity and microsoft media player play it correctly, There are unsupported meta sysex events in the midi file which may be telling timidity and Microsoft Media Player to play drums on a different channel but I do not have documentation showing this.

  • Chris Ison

    Chris Ison - 2011-08-29

    Roland Sysex messages were not supported by wildmidi. As a result, MIDI files containing Roland drum channel sysex setting would not get drums on the desired channels. During investigation it was also noticed that basic sysex parsing was flawed and would not work correctly with split sysex messages. Both of these issues have no been fixed in the developmental version and 0.2.4 will support Roland Sysex Drum Channel settings.

  • Chris Ison

    Chris Ison - 2011-08-29
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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