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Wikiwig: 5.01 available

A Wysiwyg Wiki in php/mysql. Features are : wysiwyg online editor (Xinha), user management, lock system to avoid 2 users editing a page at the same time, file management (attachment), image management(upload+online modifications), versioning...

Version 5.01 of wikiwig is now available. It fixes the problem with corrupted interanl wiki links. Unfortunately if you used 5.0 before it was withdrawn and reconstructed your wiki the links could be corrupted and they have to be fixed manually.

Posted by SteveG 2008-05-29

Security patch for 4.x available

On the downloads page there is a security patch for all 4.x versions of wikiwig. It is recommended that you apply this if you aren't planning to upgrade to 5.x.

Posted by SteveG 2008-05-29

V5.0 withdrawn

I found a fairly serious problem in 5.0 concerning internal links to the wiki. It is especially problematic when reconstructing an existing wiki. As a result I've temporarily withdrawn the download package for 5.0 and made 4.3.1 the current package to download. Sorry for the inconvience a new version of 5.0 should be available soon.

Posted by SteveG 2008-05-28

New Release 5.0 - many new features

Many new features and improvements.

- Added history to wiki pages and the ability to restore from backups or the trash.

- Made internal links immune to breakage when target pages are moved (or containing folder moved).
- Implemented move page.
- Added possibility of creating a new page when selecting an internal wiki link
while editing.

- Added selectable use of http/https for login pages.

- Added customizable rights per user and guests.
- Made it possible to have multiple users to have admin authority.... read more

Posted by SteveG 2008-05-26

New Release (4.3) with Xinha Extended File Manager

See the forums for further details on the latest release of wikiwig.

Posted by SteveG 2008-02-16

New Release with Xinha

The first release of Wikiwig with the editor Xinha is now ready to download. This is the first release put together by the new admin fatcatair. Hopefully everything is ok but if not leave a not in the forum and I'll work to fix it.

Posted by SteveG 2007-10-20

New Admin, new editor

Since Stephane no longer has sufficient time to admin the project I have volunteered to take it on. The very first thing that will happen will be a replacement of the HTMLArea with Xinha. Support for HTMLArea ceased and it morphed into Xinha so this will keep the project with a supported editor.

Posted by SteveG 2007-10-13

Pb with PHP4.3 or/and Mysql 5 : patch online ! (4.1.2)

wikiwig seems not to work either with PHP >= V4.3 or MYSQL >= V5. The map doesn't work at all. Removing line 58 of _wk/lib/database/DB_MySQL.php fixed the problem.

You could replace your file DB_MySQL.php or your complete wikiwig install.

Posted by Steph 2006-08-01

Security issue : patch online ! (4.1.1)

A security issue was discovered on all Wikiwig versions prior to 4.1.1. This vulnerability permit to take control of the hosting via the wk_lang.php file.
To correct it, you could either replace wk_lang.php with the last version (4.1.1) or replace the whole files with our last pached version 4.1.1.

We encourage you to take all the necessary steps to patch up your Wikiwig or to put it offline instead.
Due to a hack in wikiwig V4.1 we have solved the problem and to secure the wikiwig we give you the choice to either download the wk_lang.php file or the entire wikiwigV4.1.1 project.

Posted by guins 2006-06-21

New Wikiwig version V4.1 is ready

Summary: New Wikiwig V4.1 is ready !

Hi everybody,

Wikiwig's new version is ready.The last modification is the addition of a cat between the Net surfers who publish the pages.

Enjoy (you can test it online or download it)
Satrcrouz & Melie-melo

Posted by Amélie 2006-03-22

New Wikiwig V4.0 is ready !

Hi everybody,

Wikiwig's new version is ready. It mostly includes a new monitoring system which can be use to alert autors by mail when your modify subsequently a page.

Enjoy (you can test it online or download it)
Satrcrouz & Melie-melo

Posted by Steph 2005-12-01

New Forum + CVS is up to date

Welcome to our new forum with now more subjects and an improved speed and quality. We replace the sourceforge one by phpbb.

As some users noticed in the forum, the cvs was not up to date this summer holidays and till yesterday... It is now fixed : you can use and review our latest code online.

For the moment, we are working on an easy rights management system for Wikiwig, in order to restrict page edition to some users only. ... read more

Posted by Steph 2005-10-30

Wikiwig 4 Alpha (monitoring system) is online !

Come and test this new version with its new monitoring system. This version is for the moment only testable on our site as a sandbox but do not hesitate to tell us every bugs you should find !

We have to work a little bit on a release and first, we have to put the files on the CVS (we are a little bit late about it... We hope to finish this stage at the end of the week).

Posted by Steph 2005-10-26

Holidays & Version 4 (monitoring system)

Hi Everybody,
On august, nobody will be able to reply to all your feedbacks (forum, bugs, requests...) cause we are in holidays !
A little news, by the way, the monitoring system is finished for the V4. You'll be able to alert every people who have asked to monitor a specific page we you change something important in this page. Then, no need to send mails by yourself, wikiwig take care of it and without communicating any email adress to each other.
The system will be added to the cvs in the end of august and wikiwig V4 CVS will be testable by everybody in the sandbox.

Posted by Steph 2005-07-28

"Wikiwig" Vs "Rest of the Wysiwyg-wikis" Contest !

At a certain point the team was not sure if we have to continue developping wikiwig.
That's why we put wikiwig in line against other wysiwyg-wikis, comparing it's specifications and features on multiple points (wysiwyg edition,language,lock system,price and so on)

After completing this benchmark, we realized that the best way to obtain our "ideal" wiki was to enhance wikiwig : that's why we're back to work !!!... read more

Posted by psypol 2005-06-01

Some news about the Wikiwig project

With the new 3.2 version of Wikiwig, we are pround to announce that Wikiwig is now :

- stable (code rewrited in an object manner);
- compatible (firefox & IE eaven on quite old versions);
- mainly multilingual (htmlarea plugins' stay often in english...);
- powerfull (you can edit in wysiwyg, add attachements or images, edit images, create or delete pages and directories)
- safe (can save unlimited number of pages versions (see config), you are warned when quitting without saving, a conflic system (named "lock") avoid 2 users editing at the same time)
- easy to install (automatic online install system, in case of pb with your ISP, a manual install stay passible)... read more

Posted by Steph 2005-05-31

Wikiwig V3.2.0 finale released !

Then, at the end, the 3.2 is released !

Here are some of the new features of v3.2.0

25 May 2005 Wikiwig 3.2.0 finale
[starcrouz & psypol]
Bug Fixes
- #1143651 : HTML Area : can't addlink to subdirs with the "miniexplorer"
- Useless alert popup (save or abort) when lock expires
- Logo hidding the menu
- Lock never expires if the editor don't click on : quit on the "lock expired !" popup... read more

Posted by psypol 2005-05-27

Screenshots added

We created some screenshots of wikiwig pages.
You can see them by clicking on the "Screenshots" link of the menu above, or by going to this url :

Posted by JLM 2005-01-11

v3.2.0 Prerelease 2

v3.2.0 prerelease 2

Bug Fixes
- #1098457 : error in createDir method (/lib/Wiki.php) : bad permissions affected for mkdir function
- Allow to hide Directories from Wikiwig listing (and avoid users to create directories with same names)
- Set required identification in configuration page
- added more error control in createDir method (class /lib/Wiki.php)
- missing constants WK_CONF_ERR_DIR_CREATE in setup language definitions files... read more

Posted by JLM 2005-01-10

update to 3.2.0 prerelease

- some bug fixes (see changelog in the package).
- Documentation README file updated, + english version.
- In the map page of a folder, the index page and the pages locked by edition can't anymore be deleted

Posted by JLM 2005-01-05

Wikiwig 3.2 PRErelease in english !

Wikiwig, the wysiwyg wiki, formerly developped to work in french only, has now its native interface in english ! Fell free to download the release and make your comments here.

Posted by Steph 2004-12-07

Wikiwig 3.1 has been released

- Lots of little bugs removed
- automatic install

Posted by Steph 2004-09-30

Wikiwig 3 beta 1

1rst release of Wikiwig Version 3 is ready.
Bugs subsists, but this version is fully fonctionnal.
Do not hesitate to post your fealings about it.

Posted by engy 2004-07-21

Wikiwig version 3 based on htmlarea

The wikiwig team is proud to present a total rebuild of our wysiwyg wiki based on htmlarea.
3 months of hard work full time were necessary.

Posted by Steph 2004-07-20

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