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Thoughtspace Seeks $7Bil For Federal Open Source Funding

The flagship SuperWikia Alpha devel group; Trainforge is leading a campaign to solicit government support for its non-profit ThoughtSpace project. Thoughtspace is civicware protection organization for supporting open source rights documentation and intellectual property development. Accordingly, Thoughtspace is planning a $7Bil. relief drive within the non-profit sector to help open source programmers and more efficient 'code friendly' hardware development. Ancilliary One and SuperWikia Alpha are seeking grant writers and project administrators to participate in the drive.

Posted by Habatchii 2009-01-12

SuperWikia Alpha 1.0 to Host Isies Graphics

SuperWikia Alpha 1.0 is in the planning stages of generating an exclusive development agreemnet with Isies Software, a 3D graphics and animation group. Isies will be incorporated into the growing internal administrative matrix of SuperWikia Alpha, with easy loading high res graphics and animation for websites. For inquiries concerning this or any other Isies news, visit

Posted by Habatchii 2009-01-05

WikiSeries 3D-GPU Joins Forces With SourceForge

Starting 01.01.09, WikiSeries 3D-GPU and its flagship open source project ''SuperWikia Alpha 1.0'' will be working in a collaborative campaign with the open source service provider, ''SourceForge''. The new agreement spawn from the WikiSeries 3D-GPU development from ''Wikipedia'', originating from the ''SuperWikia'' platform of 3D environments. SuperWikia Alpha 1.0 is an open source graphics program in development at SourceForge which is based upon the theme of characters and locations. For more information or to find out about contributing to the WikiSeries 3D-GPU project at SourceForge; go to:... read more

Posted by Habatchii 2009-01-03