Disambiguation file

Tomaz Solc

Disambiguation file contains information about article disambiguations in a terse tab-separated format.

Each line contains one record (terminated by an ASCII line feed character (hex 0x10). Each record describes one bullet point on a disambiguation page (i.e. one attempt at disambiguation of the term in the title of the disambiguation page).

Each record contains 1 + 2N fields, separated by an ASCII tab character (hex 09), where N >= 0 and is equal to the number of internal links that appear behind the bullet point.

n field type description
1 Disambiguation page ID integer page ID of the disambiguation page where the bullet point appears.
1 + 2n + 1 Target page ID integer / "undef" page ID of disambiguating link target ("undef" if the link points to a page that doesn't exist - links appears read in the browser)
1 + 2n + 2 Anchor text unicode string actual anchor text of the disambiguating link.

Parsers of this file may depend on the fact that all records for a single disambiguation page appear consecutively in the file.


    661     14699765        Arg (mathematics)       5826    complex number  5826    polar coordinates
    661     1138322         argument principle
    661     604277          verb argument

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