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Wiki Transform Editor: Beta 1 Released

A framework, written in perl for editing MediaWiki wikis. Includes libraries and front-end modules for editing and text manipulation. First beta release is out. Hopefully updates will occur regularly.

I've released the first beta version of the wikiperl software. It's got a lot of updated features, better stability, and actual documentation! Of course, nothing is perfect, I wasn't able to produce a working installer for this. ... read more

Posted by Andrew Whitworth 2008-04-04

Alpha 0.2 Released

The next alpha release of the Wiki transform editor has been released. I've made many changes, including transitioning from a brew-your-own module for interfacing with an external wiki to using the "use MediaWiki" library from CPAN.

There have been many other changes, including improvements to code readability, feature enhancements and additions, and better compatibility all around.

Posted by Andrew Whitworth 2008-01-28

SVN Access

I've activated SVN access to the project, and have already started making changes to the codebase, and added some branches as well.

I'm planning to start translating this project to Perl 6 when that is finally released.

Posted by Andrew Whitworth 2008-01-16

Alpha 01

The first release was incorrectly labled "Beta 0.1" instead of "Alpha 0.1" Shouldnt cause much of a problem, however.

Lots of things are slated for improvement once the semester is over. In particular, I want to use more of the mediawiki API functions for common tasks, and do more error-handling. suggestions are always welcome.

Posted by Andrew Whitworth 2007-12-03

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