MediaWiki 1.4beta1 released

MediaWiki 1.4beta1 is an experimental release, to help flush out remaining major problems in the code prior to a final public 1.4.0 release. It is not recommended to use this beta on a public site unless you're familiar with MediaWiki innards and are willing and able to help diagnose and fix problems that come up.

Most page views will be significantly faster than in previous versions. Compatibility fixes for PHP5 and "safe mode"; optional table prefix improves sharing with other web apps. New plug-in hooks have been added, including a drop-in skin system. Default preferences can be more easily overridden, and users now have the option to select an alternate user interface language. Image support is improved with photo galleries, optional SVG rasterization, and better scaling of large images on their description pages.

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Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-12-03

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