#616 Read-only and private pages


This may not be useful for general wikis, considering
the intent, but it would be very handy for private
wikis (say, one set up for private, family use) to be
able to have pages that are read-only, or non-readable
by anyone other than the page creator (say, for a
personal journal).

One solution that occured to me is to set up two more
namespaces. Personal:, for pages that are readable by
anyone, but only editable by the account that created
the page, and Private:, or Journal:, for pages that are
only readable and editable by the account that created
it. Attempting to edit a Personal: page without being
the correct account would result in the same behaviour
as-if it were locked (ie: you can still view the
source), while attempting to view and/or edit a
Private: page without being the correct account would
result in an 'Access denied; this is a private page'
error, perhaps similar to the behavior followed now by
a account-restricted wiki when somebody attempts to
access a non-public page.

Naturally, these namespace names are only suggestions.

Of course, Administrators, Sysops, etc. would still
have full access.

I think setting up a separate namespace is a better
idea than trying to implement this by allowing users to
lock pages. A separate namespace ensures everyone can
expect this behavior, and it would reduce the chance of
vandals from going around trying to lock up every page
they can get just to cause havoc.

If implementing this at all, I would make it a
configurable setting, maybe through LocalSettings.php,
or through the initial setup page, defaulting to 'off'
for both namespaces, since these kind of defeat the
point of most wikis.

Also, would it be appropriate to require accounts to
edit *anything* before enabling a feature like this?
Otherwise, random pages could be reserved by remote
vandals just wanting to be difficult. Of course, this
is why these features should default to 'off'; private
wikis shouldn't be publically accessible without access
control anyway.


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